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SHARIFF KABUNSUAN: Colorful celebration of history and culture

SHARIFF KABUNSUAN: Colorful celebration of history and culture

Shariff Kabunsuan is an annual celebration of colorful history and tradition in celebrating the arrival of Shariff Kabunsuan via Rio Grande de Mindanao over 500 years ago.

Shariff Kabunsuan’s celebration isn’t just about the activity but also a presentation of preserved history. Moreover, it is also the love, dedication, commerce that tied history together. Peace embodies this majestic celebration spearheaded by the Ministry of Trade, Investments, and Tourism – BARMM.

Traditions, inspiring stories, culture from different sectors, textile, food, music, and people are once again merging. Colors and smiles are on our faces after two years of hiatus. Let me bring you to this fabulous journey with SHARIFF KABUNSUAN CELEBRATION!


It is common in every celebration to exhibit something from your local, to showcase something beyond what we can see ” Culture and tradition” in the form of pastries and other cuisines. However, the way Shariff Kabunsuan showcased their local cuisine is unlike any other celebration. Crafted with passion, dedication and perseverance are what standouts from these local pastries like dudol, tinagtag, and many more. Nothing is exciting than having a great taste and coaster journey of traditional foods from Maguindanao. A melting experience!

Photo: Shaquille Guiaman

Moreover, the colorful INAUL, a traditional woven cloth of the Maguindanaon is one of the added gems during this event. It is a handmade fabric with unique patterns and designs handed down from generation to generation. Commonly used as “Malong” but also considered as “Bara-Bangsa” term that describes royalty, dignity, and nobility.

Photo: Matain Mindanao(Right)/Uronwulf Enroute (Left)


Habi or paghabi (Weaving) was translated into the creation of culture and tradition into garments that represent the colorful culture in Maguindanao. Moreover, It is one of the living proof that history has been nurtured, enriched, and conserved by our ancestors and has been inherited by generations over generations for the world to see.

Photo: Almher G. Ali

In the frame, a Cotabato City designer Pepe Quitco with Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 and a Filipino model, Sharifa Akeel. In addition, local designers showcased their innovative approach in designing uniforms. Lastly, the event was spearheaded by the fashion show director Wilfred Yee, Cotabato City fashion designer.


Guinakit or colorfully decorated Bancas (small boat) is truly an eye-catching parade of history. Also, It is to commemorate the arrival of Arab Missionary Shariff Kabunsuan who introduced Islam in Mindanao in the 16th Century.

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Photo: Almher G. Ali

Furthermore, the boat carries a musical instrument, actors, and actresses personifying Shariff Kabunsuan’s journey and arrival.

Photo: Almher G. Ali

Furthermore, this fluvial parade is one of the most awaited events during the Shariff Kabunsuan’s celebration as you can see a huge number of spectators celebrating the event that shaped what is now Bangsamoro in its amazing history, culture, and tradition.


To close the week-long Shariff Kabunsuan celebration, it will be through a feast of traditional authentic dishes and delicacies. However, this is not only to showcase how delicious these foods are but to showcase the camaraderie between different regions of BARRM. To elevate diversity amongst its leaders. Moreover, love and peace hold this grand pagana.

Photo: Almher G. Ali
Photo: Shaquile Guiaman

Truly, the Philippines is a country with diverse cultures from different regions and tribes. Lo and behold, the wondrous and splendid history of our ancestors was kept for the next generation to experience and tell the world how we were molded. Differences in beliefs, traditions, cultures aren’t a hindrance in achieving peace. Lastly, It is the compassion that stitched everything from the beginning. May the love prosper even more.

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