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Maguindanaon delicacies you must try!

Maguindanaon delicacies you must try!

Maguindanaon delicacies are one of the Philippines’ best cuisine in the South. Food that everyone must try due to its tasty flavor that no other food can offer. The experience it brings will indeed bring you to another level.

We Filipinos love to eat and cook. It is a great way to relieve stress from work and a way of showing love and affection to our friends and family members. Even in our small gatherings, a good “salo-salo” is always going to be on top of every plan.

Since love for food has been part of our lives in satisfying our cravings, let’s look at some of the Maguindanaon delicacies you must try when you visit Cotabato City.


A Maguindanaon delicacy made of rice dish packed in banana leaves with kagikit (Shredded chicken cooked in garlic, onions, oil, and soy sauce – almost like chicken adobo style), which can be partnered with either a hard-boiled egg or salted egg and lemon.

It can also be served with slices of cucumber and tomatoes and coffee on the side can work too!

Photo: thenotsocreativecook.com


This is made of rice flour, egg, and sugar which is normally being fried in a spiral shape. Similar to the texture of pancakes. It is normally served with native coffee to match a good oozingmeryenda” feel.  

Another thing I love about this is its consistency while you are eating or chewing it.


Photo: blog.tripfez.com

Another famous delicacy that can’t be missed during special gatherings such as “kalilang” or wedding and “kanduli” or thanksgiving is the famous tinagtag.

Its texture will give you a satisfying bite due to its crunchiness. It is normally served while it’s hot and can be partnered with native coffee or Sikwati (hot cocoa drinks). 


Photo: angsarap.net

Another delicacy that we cannot say no to is “sinina” which can be either meat of beef or goat stewed in coconut milk with palapa (Magunindanao spices made of shredded coconut meat dried under the sun with chili pepper).

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This delicacy can certainly stand alone, or it can be served with rice since it is considered a viand. 


Photo: Bab Trail Tales

The Maguindanaon’s version of “palitaw” made of flour, raw sugar cane, and grated coconut. Though, there are innovations made nowadays, such as adding sugar or flavoring in the center.

It is indeed a mouth-watering delicacy that we must try. We can certainly look at partnering a soda or a coffee with this.

Indeed, food brings us together, and it allows us to be more creative other than satisfying the needs of a hungry stomach. Which of these would you consider trying?

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