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Say “I do” to these 6 new wedding trends

Say “I do” to these 6 new wedding trends

Planning for the perfect wedding? Maybe you’re an engaged couple trying to make your wedding day picture perfect, or you’re like me who adores anything wedding-related, but there’s nothing more exciting than a beautiful wedding to welcome a new chapter in your life. As more and more couples create their weddings, these emerging trends have stolen our hearts!

Intimate weddings

Because of Covid restrictions, many couples have opted to downsize their guest list and accommodate fewer guests. The advantage of an intimate wedding is you can spend the day with the people closest to your heart without breaking the bank in accommodating hundreds of guests. It really makes the day for the couple. However, if you’re heart’s set for a big wedding party, don’t fret! Those who have chosen to postpone their weddings during the early months of the pandemic have gotten the chance to have their wedding earlier this year.

Ditch the church bells

One of the more surprising trends that have emerged is the courthouse wedding. Instead of getting married in a church, some couples have chosen to get and sign their wedding certificate. Civil weddings have always been an option, and they became especially attractive for couples who are looking for a quieter or faster ceremony. While it depends on a couple whether they choose to celebrate their nuptials civilly, it’s still a romantic route to take in starting their lives together.

Theme Bridgerton

The most shifting trends for weddings are in its themes. It depends on the couples’ style and the month of their wedding. Due to the explosive rise of the Netflix series Bridgerton, its romantic and sweet look has appealed to many weddings since. Couples who went with this trending theme have incorporated many regency romance-inspired notes into their weddings.

Choosing the theme of your wedding is one of the most important things you’ll need to decide on because it affects basically everything: from flowers and dress code to the venue. If you’re planning for a big gathering for your wedding, choose a theme that is appropriate and reflects you the most as a couple.

Weekday weddings

While attending a weekend wedding was the norm, weekday weddings provide unique opportunities for the couple. It saves them a lot more money because of cheaper rates and higher availability of supplies for their celebration. The only downside for this trend is it could be troublesome to ask your guests to take time off in the middle of the week. A weekday wedding is perfect for couples who are planning to invite a small guestlist.

See Also

The wedding arch

If you don’t know wedding arches, where have you been? Because, it is the place where the couple says their vows. It’s typical for many weddings to go all out for the wedding arch. This feature works best for outdoor weddings such as destination weddings at the beach or mountainside. Most couples opt for geometrical shapes such as circles or rectangles for their wedding arches. They choose to decorate it with fresh or dried flowers, vines, fabric, or lights.

Sustainability is in

Having a big celebration before meant a lot of one-time purchases. However, couples are now choosing to be more intentional with their weddings by cutting their environmental impact but still having the wedding they want. You can go down this route by having a vintage engagement ring, choosing to have paperless invites, or doing DIY decorations from materials already available to you. These simple choices go a long way in taking care of our environment and is a great start to any marriage.

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