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Photography Trip: My Own Odyssey in Wedding Coverages

Photography Trip: My Own Odyssey in Wedding Coverages

In my years of capturing photos, using them as a way of expressing and narrating stories. An event such as weddings can be a large segment of my contribution as I enter the phase of developing my skills in both photography and storytelling.
As visual storytellers, we should be willing (not pressured) to discover and develop skills. We must have the purpose of combining informing, entertaining, and educating general audiences, telling them the stories behind pictures.

Wedding Photography

Performs creativity

Photo | Kristen Javier

Photography is a form of story-telling that technically involves photos, texts, music, short video clips, and other variety of graphics. This provides an effective way of expressing different pieces in such a remarkable way.

I see photography as a unique way of exploration. This can be a good passion for every individual who is interested in participating in the field of visual arts.

Photographers are able to perform their best through the help of animations, creativity, and interactive graphics. Through this, they can make the entirety of the concept lively and catchy – performing creativity.

Connects with people

Wedding photography creates a healthy connection between people with different personalities, lifestyles, and beliefs. This lets people lend their ears to listen to different sets of stories, hands to hold presents, and eyes to witness beautiful moments.

This happens mostly in churches, some in different settings, but regardless of the location – the get-togethers make the day purely genuine and special, seeing the sincerity of the guests and most especially the pureness of the bride and groom.

As photographers enter this field, they should always keep in their mind that the audiences and the couple are the top priorities.

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Event Photography

Capture candid shots

Be observant and take photos, especially the ones that show stolen moments – the emotions.

Emphasize details

Always remember to take shots of even the smallest details of the events. Those smallest ones are the biggest, like the tiny couple rings.

Photo | Kristen Javier

Make every moment more memorable and special with event photographers. Hire great ones!

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