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Roblox isn’t a “childish” game as I thought it would be

Roblox isn’t a “childish” game as I thought it would be

When we hear about the game Roblox, it is mostly mentioned by our younger siblings. Or that one kid you didn’t know was your cousin from a family reunion. That application being the cause of our babies’ addiction at a very young age must have been intriguing. For years, I never understood why Roblox is being patronized by my younger sister. Day or night, Roblox has always been running on her mind and on the digital screen.

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Never in a million years would you convince me to play Roblox; not until the pandemic hits. The previous words were gradually eaten after I decided to give it a try. After quite some time, I finally knew the reason why.

Roblox isn’t a childish game as I thought it would be. Scroll further to understand why!

A game within the game world

The concept of Roblox can be a little confusing, especially when someone younger than you babbles about it. “There is a game inside a game,” I remember my sister saying this, and it only left confusion in my face. How the heck is that possible? But after trying it out myself, I finally get what she’s been trying to say. There’s so many games from various creators to play inside that I doubt Robloxers would finish the rest of them!

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Welcome for all ages

Whoever said Roblox is only for kids? A lie! Playing their games is one great way to kill time. Upon entering the gaming world, hundreds of different categories ranging from roleplaying to suspense suits for everybody. Personally, I got hooked on the “platform obby” category of games since I enjoy mild survival types of challenges. You just have to explore deeper in order to find the right entertainment for you!

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Meeting virtual friends

While I observe, the majority of Robloxers are aged younger, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t build friendships with them! Meeting new people online can be exciting, especially when they have a funny bone or can vibe with yours. Through the server chat, you can interact or even just watch interactions being exchanged. I would rather enjoy looking at their amusing exchanges though!

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Gaming skills are being challenged

I used to think all Roblox games were lighthearted and extremely easy to play because they’re built for “kids.” Man, I was so wrong about this! I couldn’t count the times I’ve struggled to defeat a villain, a platform, or a mission in just one stage!  It really challenges your concentration, mind, and patience — above all! If I could travel back, I’d retract my laughs towards my frustrated sister whenever she loses in a round… oops!

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What Roblox brings for kids (—and adults)

Now that I have a better understanding, I do not see any reason to completely ban kids from playing this. In fact, it can enhance their social skills from communication with one another. Not only entertainment can be found through this game, but also learning English words and strategies, according to my sister. 

But before all of those things, the most important part is that their screen time should be balanced. Proper guidance and limitations from a supervising adult should be observed first. Discipline the youngsters by controlling their gaming hours and monitoring their actions online. Even better if the adults themselves join the Roblox server, which is twice the fun!

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I was one of the people judging the game and I am not proud of it. Like I said, Roblox used to be a childish game for me; I believe I underestimated them on that part. Perhaps, the main reason why is because it is commonly played by younger audiences; thus, stereotyping exists. People usually associate childishness with children, derived from the world itself.

I guess it is true that you could only fully grasp the idea once you try it yourself, like I did with Roblox. Always remember to play responsibly, whether you’re a child or a grown-up!

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