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My ‘Anti-Stress’ Games List

My ‘Anti-Stress’ Games List

Ever had that moment when you’re exhausted so you wanted to ease your stress and play games? But then your mood just got worse because you kept losing and almost, if not, lost your ranking. Relatable, right?

Adventure, firing, and war games can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially those team plays. But let’s be real here, we all have those instances where we just want to teleport to our teammate’s house and tell them to get into it.

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So, allow me to introduce you to some cute and anti-stress games for some ‘game cleanse’. Loosen up a bit and enjoy the ride.

1.) Cozy Typer

Ah yes, it’s for desktop. The name says it all, enjoy the ASMR sound of your keyboard while practicing your typing skills with some chill in-game music that you get to choose from! You are mostly to type nice quotes on the very homey and simple interface while following a certain story and having friendly feedback at the end of every task. The control with difficulty and game type is also in your hands. It is on Steam, be a Cozy Typer now!

2.) Unpacking

Have you ever experienced moving from house to house? If not, you should try this one! If yes, come on and dive into a very much relatable game for you!

Unpacking is a simulation game where you will literally unpack things and put them into their supposed places around the house. You still have freedom on where exactly, though the items must be in the right rooms. There is a story that you will be following through a diary. This one can also be found on Steam.

3.) Assemble with Care

Chill, pop, and ‘sentimental’, are three things that are more likely to come to mind with this game. A casual one for those who like two-tone aesthetics and pop art vibes. Perfect as a pastime and anti-stress.

4.) BTS ISLAND: In the Seom

Seom ( ‘섬’ in Korean) means ‘island’. This one is a matching game with the story of BTS characters getting shipwrecked and living on an abandoned island. It offers a very cute interface where you can interact with the ‘chibi’ like characters and collect your bias’ photos. You can also connect with other players in your ‘club’, send hearts, and visit each other’s islands.

Another funny feature here is that you get to witness the members bickering and there’s a lot of fandom inside jokes, too! ARMY or not, you can find this mainly on Play Store!

Screenshot of In the Seom while playing the story of the game.
Photo | In the Seom

5.) Pocket Love

Another perfect way to prevent stress is when you know you have control over things. Plus, soft and pastel-colored animation is the fluffiest! The game is about moving into a new house. You get to create your character and their partner the way you wanted them to be! Then you will begin with your mission to unpack and organize your cute stuff!

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Screenshot of pocket Love interface when you open the game on your phone.
Photo | Pocket Love app

There are also a lot of kawaii antics and the interface is a bit complex because of the items but guaranteed that you won’t have to stress while playing this. If you’re into cute and fluffy stuff, try this on your phone!

6.) Dear My Cat

Just like my friend said, “it helped me sleep at night”, of course in a good way. This idle and chill game gets you to take care of cats and collect soft pictures of them. The music also compliments the general cozy and homey vibe that screams “no stress allowed” while playing.

“Antistress” (Honorable Mention)

I just have to include this because the name says it all! It’s simple and more of the ASMR type. Its interface is semi-realistic but the sound quality is a worthy anti-stress! This one is for your phones if you’re into ASMR.

Among all these, did you find anything interesting?

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