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5 NCT LAB Songs that will surely raise the roof

5 NCT LAB Songs that will surely raise the roof

We did witness the K-Pop group, NCT, as they conquer their musical evolution throughout the years. So as to their own project from existing STATION releases. From the band’s solo acts, sub-unit performances, and new sound to offer each full-group comebacks. They are indeed the pride and joy of SM Entertainment, no questions asked.

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When talking about skills and talents, NCT is an A-list to be considered. Great singing voices, various backgrounds on dancing, and pioneering the so-called noise music production in K-Pop. Name it, the band is way too ahead of the boy groups of today, both sonic and performance wise.

Not to mention how their rotational unit, NCT U, can devour with any line up, that of which proves their synergy as artists and being solo-debut-ready. With these evident contributions to the genre, let me introduce to you these top STATION X NCT LAB acts:

5 NCT LAB Songs that will surely raise the roof


Inviting just as that, TEN exudes a different vibe of Birthday. Equipped with powerhouse dance and vocal range, the single is well-acclaimed on its release. Of course, it’s our main dancer, what else can we expect less, right?

His powerful dance line caught other fandoms’ attention, nitpicking nothing from his stages and SMP practice. Proud is an understatement to what this LAB brought to the table, being our Thai King the talk of the town from his flexible floor stunts in the choreography. Yes, he did it for the fourth time with his solos. Truly, TEN is on another level of monster and should held titles in the industry attest to that.

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More like a heart-to-heart talk, Child is a track from MARK’s poignant take to youth and vision of obvious cynics. Sharing his poetic narrative to the lyrics and bars of the song, our Canadian cutie exiled to his inner child dilemmas. Hitting us, NCTzen, a hint of gloomy yet contented vibe. Emotionally provocative, the song’s delivery and flow embarks on a whole journey of self-loathe and introspective acceptance.

It is also revealed that in addition to the promotion, there is supposedly an alternative extended outro for the track’s ending. Leaning to a more volatile end to expressing the real meaning of MARK’s message. Moreover, aside from the denouement taking place or whatnot, this masterpiece of a storytelling is symbolical of our main rapper’s musical identity, first and foremost.

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Forever Only

Mellow and alternative sounding, JAEHYUN’s solo NCT LAB song is charming that is similar to his voice. An all-rounder with this visuals is just the perfect fit for Forever Only. Pouring his everything to this digital single, his artistry transcends to the over-all aesthetic of the project.

He completely captured Czennies’ hearts as he once teases the record on his Instagram story. Leaving many fans in awe and after a few months, voila, NCTzens got the opportunity to listen to it fully! Endear to one’s love spectrum, the song is an automatic one-hundred percent Jeffrey taking-over perfection.

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coNEXTion (Age of Light)

An NCT U collaboration including members, DOYOUNG, MARK, HAECHAN, and a special performance danced by SHOTARO. The EDM track unveils electrifying chemistry from the unit’s poped-off harmonies and verses. With rap written and recorded by MARK, the song is laced of undeniably banger energy.

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Kicking-off the month of January last year, this LAB project is the first of its kind. No wonder they are this confident bringing the SM STATION anew. NCT’s remarkable rotational system seems to be the cherry on top for this accurately designed project, see it for your self!

Rain Day

Reminiscent of the golden days, the trio: TAEIL, KUN, and YANGYANG welcomed the summer of the past year with enlightenment as our new NCT U line up. Their music video oozes of warm and affable blues. Likewise the OSTs of typical K-Drama, the track’s message revolves on a universal entity. Yup, it is the cliché of romance.

Rich of first class top line from our main vocalists, the record nails its musicality repertoire. With YANGYANG’s charismatic yet bright tone, the single became woven neatly from its lyrics to inside-out. Indeed, even coming from different units, our boys always serve with best talents. Standing for their brand, Neo Culture Technology is the future of K-Pop.

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Czennies! What is your most favorite among the LAB releases listed above? Did we miss something? Through these special project, we can see our Neos doing their own craft as they showcase it to the world, finally.

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