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4 Roblox Games Recommendations You Should Check Out

4 Roblox Games Recommendations You Should Check Out

Roblox has been around in the mobile and video game industry for over a decade and has continuously gained popularity through the years. It is a known online gaming platform that allows players to develop their own games, which they can share with other players. Looking back at its first official release in 2006, Roblox has now become a go-to gaming platform for novice players and veteran gamers alike. This is even though the platform is widely considered to cater more to kids than to adults.

As the platform is known to provide a myriad of options to choose from with millions of games on the platform, picking one game might be overwhelming. This holds especially true for beginners like me. However, in my one-year experience of playing, I have discovered precious gems you might want to check out.

Below are a few Roblox game recommendations you must check out:

1) Survive the Killer

Hide or die? Survive the Killer is a 2020 Roblox horror survival game developed by Slyce Entertainment. It is a game that follows a slasher sub-genre format that allows players to either play as survivors or as the sole killer.

At the beginning of each round, one player is randomly picked as the killer, while the remaining players must hide. The killer must kill as many players by the end of each round, which lasts for five minutes. Meanwhile, the survivors must run, hide and escape the killer while saving their injured teammates to win the round. So, if you’re a thrill-seeker looking for some adrenaline rush, you may try checking this game out!

2) Welcome to Bloxburg

The Sims of Roblox! Welcome to Bloxburg is a 2014 Roblox game developed by CoeptusIt is often compared to the well-loved simulation game – The Simsas it also engages the players in roleplaying. The game particularly immerses its players in working jobs, earning money, building their own homes, setting up businesses, and more. Furthermore, you can also adopt co-players, hire employees, level up your skills, or what have you! In general, the sky’s the limit to what you can do around Bloxburg; only let your imagination run wild.

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3) Mad City

It’s mayhem in the city! Are you among the good heroes and citizens of the city or are you those who seek to wreak havoc? Created by Schwifty Studios, Mad City is a 2017 Town and City Roblox Game that follows similar gameplay to GTA. In this game, players get to pick from playing prisoner, police, or hero of the city. For prisoners, their primary goal is to escape prison and rob as much as they can without getting caught. Meanwhile, the police and heroes must protect the city from these stowaway hoodlums.

4) Squid Game

It’s utter chaos! Bring together a group of people whose goal is to finish off one another to win the game and its bloodshed. Based on the hit Netflix show of the same name, Squid Game by Trendsetter Games is probably the best variation of the game in Roblox. Created in 2021, the game features all games shown in the Netflix series. This includes Red Light, Green Light, Sugar Honeycomb, Tug of War, Glass Hopscotch, Tug of War, Marbles Game, Squid Game, and even more. So, if you’re looking for a Squid Game experience in Roblox, try checking out this game.

Are you a newbie in Roblox curious to find interesting games you can play on the platform? Well, if yes, then try checking out these suggestions right away, and share with us your thoughts!

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