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Learn and laugh with Nurse Even on TikTok

Learn and laugh with Nurse Even on TikTok

Do you have time to kill? Are you spending your time scrolling through TikTok? Then, follow Nurse Even to make your day! His content is really funny and relatable for other medical employees. He makes fun of his struggles and challenges as a nurse. Prepare your stomach as it might get hurt from too much laughing. I am sure you will never get bored! His TikTok account is @lemesayeven.

Learn and laugh with Nurse Even on TikTok

Struggles of a nurse

Behind the funny moments that Nurse Even shared, you can see the struggles of a nurse. Even the people who work in the medical field will agree. Lack of sleep is the cause of most of his contents. Most of the time, he works like a zombie because he doesn’t have enough time for rest.

Another challenge that they encounter is power tripping. Seniors in the medical field power trip all the time. Some even feel superior and think lowly of their juniors. He made a TikTok video about this, and as a result, some juniors cannot freely express themselves. But, of course, he reminded his viewers that it should never hinder their learning experiences and fight for their rights.

A bad day is normal, that is the motto of medical staff most of the time. Nurse Even made content about this just for fun. But if you’ll look deeper, you will know that this is the reality. Every day, different patients and different personalities. Some patients cannot even control their temper, and it really left a bad impact on the medical staff.

Viral Videos

Most of his videos gathered around a hundred thousand to millions of views. One of the viral videos that Nurse Even has revolves around relaying the pregnancy result to a pregnant 16-year-old girl.

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Netizens, of course, made a fuss about it being an invasion of privacy. However, he posted another video that the video is just for pure content and is supposed to be a joke.

Another viral video is when he portrays how some of the patients move energetically even after the catheter has just been removed. He reminded his patients not to move around and just rest because it may harm them.

All of his contents are about his experiences as a nurse in a funny way to make people laugh. So, what are you waiting for? Have fun while learning through TikTok videos of Nurse Even!

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