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Laugh out loud with these Filipino TikTok content creators

Laugh out loud with these Filipino TikTok content creators

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms for Filipino content creators. It offers a lot of features that include creating and editing content. It also remains dominant due to bulk trends like dance challenges, lip-syncing videos, hacks, and more. Moreover, it remains one of the most-used apps in the Philippines. It also became the pastime for most Filipino, viewers and content creators alike. So, I’ve listed a collection of content creators’ accounts that you should check out for your daily dose of good vibes.

Laugh out loud with these Filipino TikTok content creators

1. Marvin Fojas (@marvsfojas)

Marvin Fojas made the expression ‘bhie’ famous again on the internet. In addition, he is one of the most well-known comedians in the platform. A pharmacist by profession, this social media personality has 7.8-million followers and 171.5-million likes on the platform. He is also known for his hilarious and relatable comedy videos.


Ibang level yung kaba bHie! 😳 #schooleksena #marvinfojas

♬ original sound – Marvin Fojas – Marvin Fojas

2. Sassa Gurl (@itssassagurl)

Sassa Gurl is known for their hilarious dramas and videos. They have become a master of content creation, spreading positive vibes in every video he does. They also currently have 2.8-million followers and 109.9-million likes.


Times up tama na ang 2 minutes na pag iyak:

♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl – Sassa Gurl

3. Xspencer PH (@spencer_serafica)

Spencer is also known as one of the most humorous content creators in Tiktok. He makes original videos and sometimes stitches from which he turns tragic moments into hilarious scenes. Aside from that, his command over his tears remained impressive. He also has 7.9-million followers and 296.9-million likes.


MAGBABAYAD NAMAN AKO NG UTANG EH BAT KAYO GANYAN?? (Tektok may problema ka ba saken? ) #stitch

♬ original sound – Xspencer 🇵🇭💸 – Xspencer 🇵🇭💸

4. Namy (@namyulenka)

Namy Ulenka is famous for her mother and daughter skit. Besides that, she also portrays different characters such as teachers, students, boys and even a spy. Like other content creators, you will laugh out loud at her silly but witty videos. She also has 4-million followers and 123-million likes.


MAAA 😭 #mother

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♬ FINALLY a minute long version of this – ⚡️Coisedmeme⚡️

5.  Nurse Even (@lemesayeven)

Nurse Even’s real name is John Steven Soriano. The focus of his content is basically “nurse thingz” which indirectly tell true stories while working inside the hospital. He also delivers all of these in a joking manner. Even though his videos mostly pertains to nurses’ experiences, ordinary netizens also feel entertained. Probably because they can relate to the patients’ point-of-view. He also has 275.6-thousand followers and 3.1-million likes.


Hayop!!! Hahaha! #fy #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok #tiktokph #kunars #nurseeven #nars #nurse #pinoy #pinoycomedy #memeph

♬ original sound – Daisey Gorgeous – Daisey Gorgeous ☾˙❀‿❀˙☽

6. Davao Conyo (@davaoconyo)

Davao Conyo is an online sensation from Davao City. According to him, the type of language he uses in his videos have become a hit to the viewers. In addition, he is known for his Filipino dubbed Disney videos. Also, in his funny daily life quirks video about Filipinos. Apart from the ordinary, Philip also adds a smooth transition of brand promotions on his video content which the netizens enjoy watching. Though he understands that some brands didn’t want his way of advertising, his viewers’ feedback matters to him above all. He also has 1.1-million followers and 15.6-million likes.


Real Talk Resignation #DavaoConyo

♬ original sound – DavaoConyo – DavaoConyo

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