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What you need to know about realme Buds Air Pro

What you need to know about realme Buds Air Pro

Wireless technologies nowadays are popping from left to right. We’re sure you’re very confused about which one fits perfectly for you. So, let us help you by introducing realme’s newest addition to their wireless earbuds collection, the realme Buds Air Pro.

Design, Performance, and Specifications

“Sometimes we long for the silent world in order to hear the truth”- José Lévy. That’s the first thing you’ll notice once you lift open the realme box. This is quite interesting because once you wear and play the realme Buds Air Pro you can really tell that the outside noise will be silent. Thanks to active noise cancellation which makes “a world without noise” possible.

That’s right! You read it right. This premium looking accessory that is made from high-quality polycarbonate material has an active noise cancellation up to 35dB. It has microphones to detect unwanted noise and emits anti-noise waves to cancel them out. Just make sure, for a better experience, you wear the right size silicon ear cap which is included in the box.

It has also a transparency mode for clear and realistic ambient sound when you need to talk to people around you. And a dual-mic noise cancellation for sharp and clear calls.

In addition to that is the 10mm bass boost driver along with an advanced Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB). With the weight of 5 grams per single earphone, surely you’ll dance with bass! And even you sweat while dancing, there’s no need to worry because it is IPX4 water-resistant.

The realme Buds Air Pro also has super low latency mode up to 94ms. You can now experience perfect audio-to-video sync while playing games or watching your favorite Korean dramas.

realme Buds Air Pro has 25 hours of total battery life. Upfront of the charging case is the LED indicator which turns green to red, depending on the battery level. And at the bottom is the charging port that supports USB Type-C. Inside the box, there is a charging cable which is relatively short. So expect to interchange it with your Android phone charger for easy charging. And for instant connectivity, this accessory supports Bluetooth 5.0. It provides a stable connection even there is multi-device interference. The right side of the charging case is the reset/pairing button.

Availability and Price

The realme Buds Air Pro comes in two colors, rock black, and soul white. And the unit price is only Php 4,990.


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