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realme Buds Q aims for a sophisticated and fashionable approach with a number of features

realme Buds Q aims for a sophisticated and fashionable approach with a number of features

Introducing realme’s most affordable true-wireless headset yet. The realme Buds Q comes in at just P1,490.

realme Buds Q is designed by a Cooperated designer of the Luxury brand Hermes, José Lévy. The realme Buds Q is aiming for a sophisticated and fashionable approach with a number of features — all at an affordable price.


Just like other from realme it comes with a bright golden-yellow box. The outside front of the box is a photo of the realme buds and the realme branding name. At the back are the specifications that you need to know about the product. Inside the box is your usual stuff: a charging case, a charging cable, different sizes of tips, a user guide with a warranty card, and of course the earbuds.

Design and Hardware

Having a well-known designer do the design of the realme Buds Q has its perks.

José Lévy took inspiration from soft and round cobblestone at the shore. The smooth and full curved charging case allows you to have a better grip and due to its relatively small size, it perfectly fits in your pocket. It is a polycarbonate matte black color finish which is good at resisting smudges. And to be quite honest, the design looks sleek. At top of the charging case is the realme branding name in shiny black. At the back is the micro USB port for charging and in the front is a LED light that serves as a charging indicator.

The buds have similarities to the charging case it has a cobblestone shape and the finish is also a matte black. While the realme logo that serves the area for touch control is a glossy finish. Each bud weighs just 3.6 grams. Using it for hours won’t give your ears an uncomfortable feeling. Using it while running or having an exercise is good because the shape of the bud fits quite well on ears and it has come with different sizes of tips of small, medium, and large so you can have it adjusted.

It also comes with a MicroUSB cable for charging which is relatively short.

Performance and Specifications

For connectivity:

Instant connection once you already paired, thanks to R1Q chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology

For gaming mode:

The realme Buds Q has super low latency mode up to 119 ms, with this you can already enjoy playing games at extreme because the audio and visual are perfectly in sync.

Sound Quality:

As a result of having a 10 mm bass boost driver, you can get clear vocals and good sound performance in mid and high range frequencies. Surprisingly even in a full volume, the sound is still pleasant to the ears, the bass is still compact and clear. And to be quite honest, it’s one of the best TWS ear buds I tried in this price range.


The charging case has 400mAh capacity while each earbud has 40mAh. That means it can last up to 20 hours of total playback. So there’s no need to worry about draining your earbuds while watching your favorite series.


With just P1,490 pesos you can already have quality TWS earbuds designed by one of the famous luxury brand designers.


Overall, the quality experience of this entry-level accessory is satisfactory. It’s quite surprising that in its price range you can already get a good quality TWS earbud. It doesn’t have active noise cancellation, you can only rely on the passive noise cancellation it provides. And even in 2020, the realme Buds Q is still in MicroUSB port which still makes sense because of its price. However, it’s still one of the best entry-level and affordable TWS earbuds in the market right now.


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