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Proudrace leads the sustainable fashion movement

Proudrace leads the sustainable fashion movement

Proudrace is a Filipino sustainable fashion brand that produces pieces unlike any other. With garments made with repurposed fabric, and garments.

Proudrace leads the sustainable fashion movement

Proudrace’s big moves for sustainability

Proudrace, at its core, produces its designs through sourcing materials that they’ll reinvent to create a one-of-a-kind piece unlike any other. The brand uses various techniques that update old garments and used materials into something truly their own. Aside from its sustainable design methods, they are also a waste-conscious brand that only produces a limited amount of garments. In order to minimize their carbon footprint and waste production. Best of all, Proudrace’s garments are stylish, forward pieces that evoke memories as you discover the materials, and design elements they put into the garment. All on top of being a sustainable fashion brand

Love, with Proudrace

Proudrace made statements on their garments like “Mahal Kita” and “Iibigin.” It somehow adds such a personality to their garments creating statements using Filipino. Moreover, the influences they present towards their designs are reflective of things we see as Filipinos, given a new look. Thus, proving that such seemingly mundane things have a collective significance to our culture.

As well as that, even such statement tops are in their signature sustainable design that often consists of serged hems, fabric manipulation, and asymmetry. Their style is reminiscent of the  90s and 2000s, Specifically, shirts with big text, crewneck tops, and color blocking.

Furthermore, their collection is ever-evolving as a sustainable fashion brand, they are continuously reimagining previous designs and garments. So, having a piece from their collections is somehow a way for us to have our hands on a chapter of their story.

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Photo Credits: Intagram/@proudrace

Sustainability notes from Proudrace

Sustainability proves to be not such a foreign concept for Filipino brands. Knowing that a brand like Proudrace exists, and is thriving. Apart from that, the brand got global recognition, with features in Vogue Italia, and Highsnobiety. Seeing a sustainable fashion brand that maintains a long-standing value towards caring for the environment, is a fresh face in most industries.

Especially now that it is a fashion label, knowing how much waste the industry produces. Proudrace is a prime example that style can work with principle. As they create more garments from their forever-changing designs, their customer base will hopefully grow with them.

We can hope that we see more sustainable fashion brands like Proudrace that will change the course of the industry. That will eventually, spark a bigger movement towards sustainable livelihood aside from the change they’re fostering in the fashion industry.

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