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AVRA KEHDABRA: Cosmic Co’s Magick tint collection is here!

AVRA KEHDABRA: Cosmic Co’s Magick tint collection is here!

Cosmic co. is having its comeback collection theme and here it is! The theme speaks to the productive and creative day of a busy woman. In addition, it is inspired by two things that start up a boss girls’ day, which is an all-time favorite: Coffee and an iconic lippie.

Above all, it has made it possible for all the bewitching beauties out there, to start the day with the coffee-scented Magick formula.

So get ready to put on a show with Cosmic Co’s comeback collection. Features 4 shades of pigmented, long-lasting magick matte lip tints.

The Comeback

According to Carmela Jance, the owner of Cosmic Co. the brand has taken a step back and halted production during the pandemic but because of this, it paved the way for Cosmic Co. In addition, the brand brew and concoct new and exciting ideas to reinforce its bewitching vision. Finally, the brand is glad to share with you the comeback collection with their one-of-a-kind formula.

The Magick Tints is a 2-in-1 application since it can be worn as a lip tint or a lipstick (on the 2nd swipe) and it’s not heavy on the lips. The tint is long-lasting and masks transfer-proof-freefree.


Paint the town blood red! – Inspired by the idea of a striking spell that calls to all levels of witchiness, The brand wanted an iconic red for this collection that fits for a bold look.


Talk about a cure? this is it! – An ode to Serenus Sammonicus, a physician during the Roman Times who prescribed a triangular charm engraved with the words “Abracadabra” as prescription medicine. Why not wear our coral red lippie like an amulet?


A formula as thin as air! Probably your next go-to nude MLBB shade that compliments all skin tones. Perfect for an everyday natural look or if want a more bold color try to add a bit more product to achieve that powder pink nude shade.


Mesmerize when you vocalize! -Now’s the time to speak with confidence with our edgy shade of burnt umber-colored lip-tint.


Cosmic Co. is a business that looks after what they produce and contributes to the betterment of the environment. The brand uses recycled or repurposed materials produced or made by locals. In addition, the brand is aiming to promote sustainable development through packaging and material use.

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Above all, the brand partnered up with Silent Beads, an organization of home-based mothers that recycle and repurposes papers and turn them into plantable paper supplies. Every time you purchase a product from Cosmic Co. Php25 goes to the organization.

Animal Cruelty-Free and Paraben Free

What I like about Cosmic Co. is that it upholds the value of ethical treatment of animals and the environment. In addition, the ingredients are natural and FDA-approved not tested on animals.

Body Positivity and Inclusivity

Indeed, the brand stands as an all-inclusive that empowers all shapes, sizes, colors, and gender. Finally, the brand is aiming to promote embracing one’s uniqueness and being confident in your skin.

The Final Verdict

Cosmic Co, Undoubtedly, has a unique approach in terms of its branding, something fresh to look forward to —in the future. And that’s what sets it apart from the competition. What I love about their Magick Tints is that it’s a 2-in-1 application since it can be worn as a lip tint or a lipstick (on the 2nd swipe) and it’s not heavy on the lips. Lastly, the tint is long-lasting, and masks are transfer-proof-free! This make-up brand is the one to look forward to in the future.

Finally, order all the magick tints and release your inner witchiness by visiting their Shopee account. Click here!

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