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Minimize luggage space and style a dress in five ways for a vacay

Minimize luggage space and style a dress in five ways for a vacay

I don’t know about you. But, I hate packing even when I’m going on a vacation. I usually use a backpack and fitting everything in it will remain one of the least favorite things I have to do. Despite wanting to stay fashionable during a vacation, it’s easier to unpack everything when you only have to grab a shirt and a pair of shorts. One of the ways I realized that can help me out with tackling both issues is styling a dress in five ways.

Minimize luggage space and style a dress in five ways for a vacay

First, let me present to you the dress. Gingham is a timeless pattern that makes everyone look and feel good. Because gingham contains cotton, it feels really comfortable on the skin. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to give good coverage and won’t lose its shape. And, because this pattern is so popular, you can find this dress everywhere — Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, in-stores… everywhere! 

So, here are ways you can style the dress in different situations:

For a day of exploring 

Exploring out of town meant we have to be comfortable at all times. You’re going to need sunglasses and a pair of sneakers. Plus, don’t forget a gold necklace with a pearl pendant for a glint of accessories. Aside from that, you’re going to need a canvas tote bag. Like, an umbrella, your wallet for money and IDs, and other things you might need. 

To the beach—beach!

A black bikini under the dress goes a long way for either enjoying the beach or spending some time at the poolside. Then, a black mesh bag can help from getting the sand out of your things. A pair of black sunnies and a pair of black sandals are definitely a must-have. 

A fancy dinner with the beau

If you’re lucky enough, you and your beau might have a romantic evening. Make sure a breeze won’t ruin your day. So, throw on a white button-up over the dress. You can take it on or off depending on the temperature. Keep it fancy with your strappy heels, a mini leather bag, and your gold layered necklaces. 

Out to lunch with the besties

An eye-catching sunglasses and a functional crossbody bag are all it takes to make your dress work for one. Opt for a pair of sneakers for a more casual approach. Then, complete your outfit with gold accessories that you have in your bag. 

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Bar-hopping, perhaps?

This look is very similar to a fancy dinner with the beau. However, bar-hopping and drinking at night sometimes trigger some kind of heat. So, remove the white button-up and enjoy the versatility of the dress. 

Do you have a certain dress that is both timeless and functional for a vacation? Let us know! 

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