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Pat McGrath’s Ethereal Glass Skin Makeup Captivates the Internet

Pat McGrath’s Ethereal Glass Skin Makeup Captivates the Internet

Pat McGrath's Ethereal Glass Skin Makeup Captivates the Internet

Pat McGrath is a prominent makeup artist from London who beautifies celebrities. And recently, her artistry has captivated the internet, particularly her creativity in crafting porcelain doll-like skin for her models during the Maison Margiela Couture.

Pat McGrath’s Ethereal Glass Skin Makeup Captivates the Internet

It is a combination of talent and creativity when we talk about how McGrath presented her models during the couture. As we look into her works at the event, they evoke the likeness of porcelain dolls. This is particularly evident in their attire and, notably, their makeup.

Moreover, Maison Margiela Fashion Company hosted the 2024 Artisanal Show, showcasing their clothing collection. Meanwhile, Pat McGrath Labs did the models’ makeup from which McGrath has done the ‘glass skin‘ method.

Gwendoline Christie during the Maison Margiela Couture Show

The models indeed exuded a porcelain doll-like appearance as they strutted down the catwalk. Similarly to Maison Margiela’s incorporation of corsets to achieve doll-like features in their clothing, McGrath applied makeup to give the models a pale, almost porcelain complexion. Furthermore, she champions inclusivity by featuring individuals of diverse skin tones during the couture, sending a powerful and beautiful message.

Rather than aiming for natural human skin texture, the focus was on creating an appearance reminiscent of real-life dolls. This fascination has inspired many to recreate her iconic makeup looks, applauding their creativity and flawless execution on the runway.

How Pat McGrath’s ‘Glass Skin‘ Became a Sensation on the Internet

It all began with fascination. After all, who else could push the boundaries of creativity like McGrath does with her makeup style during the show?

Naturally, makeup of this kind is generally more suitable for photography. Furthermore, the internet was astounded by her innovative technique of using diluted peel-off masks to achieve a porcelain-like texture.

According to an article from Pop XO, McGrath’s team of makeup artists utilized Freeman’s Cucumber Peel-Off Gel, Que Bella Pineapple Peel-Off, Proot Calendula Peel-Off, and an undisclosed mask packaged in a white bottle. They combined these with Skin Illustrator Clear Gloss and distilled water.

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After completing the makeup application, they used an airbrush to apply the peel-off-and-water mixture onto the face. Subsequently, they allowed it to dry with a blow dryer before applying the next layer of peel-off mask. This process was repeated until they reached the eighth layer, ultimately achieving the coveted ‘glass-skin’ effect.

This marks the inception of the ‘glass skin makeup’ trend.

Makeup enthusiasts globally endeavored to replicate the Maison Margiela aesthetic, achieving remarkable success. Numerous individuals recreated the runway appearance, featuring pale skin, delicate brows, soft pastel hues, and bold crimson lips.


PORCELAIN DOLL w/ #PatMcGrathGlassSkin 🫧 Love haute couture? @Pat McGrath Labs innovative look for @Maison Margiela Artisanal #SS24 collection was MAJOR. Here is a rare avant-garde moment from me🤭 Saturday was spent following the Margiela Masterclass…GLASS SKIN to another level! If I was to try again, I would have used more mask layers & gone darker with the brows!🫧 Headpeice is DIY – rip pillowcase ✨ #glassskin #glassskinmakeup #patmcgrath #maisonmargiela #makeup #editorial #makeup #hautecouture #johngalliano #margiela

♬ Little Dark Age – MGMT
Although not everyone had the exact tools from the show, many stayed creative by using what they had. Some used their makeup spatula instead of an airbrush, and a small fan to dry their peel-off mixtures.

my attempt at the iconic @Pat McGrath Labs glass skin makeup look for Maison Margiela haute couture ss24 🤍 #glassskin #glassskinmakeup #patmcgrath #maisonmargiela #johngalliano #makeup #makeuptutorial #editorialmakeup

♬ veil – akiaura & Olya Holiday
The art of makeup isn’t limited to glamour and glitter; it’s also an expressive form of art, capable of conveying emotions and, as seen in this couture, even embodying objects.
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