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These 7 actresses stun in fun, casual Y2K clothing

These 7 actresses stun in fun, casual Y2K clothing

Actresses in Y2K clothing

Every year — or every month — there seems to be a new trend up and about in the fashion industry. A thought unsurprising, as the world of fashion is cyclic in nature. Something old will be rising to fame after a few years, then suddenly out of the trend. Then back again. Then not. You get the point.

Y2K fashion is no stranger to this, as it has been steadily gaining attention this 2021. We have to thank the Gen Z’s for that. And I guess Olivia Rodrigo, too, who rocked this style in almost the entire span of her Sour era (and still is). 

In the fashion industry, the Y2K is a trend that covers the style of the late ’90s and early-to-mid 2000s.

To know more about the Y2K fashion aesthetic, take a look at some of our local celebrities who rocked the trendy clothing.

Tie front tops (with a twist!)

Anne Curtis rocked a pastel green tie front top in one of her Instagram posts this year. However, instead of the usual tie, a chain is placed, giving a more innovative look.

Lovi Poe wore the same kind of top, but shorter and with a different color. The orange and pink ensemble is definitely a 10/10!

The tie front top was one of the biggest trends in the 2000s, and its comeback was a welcome change.

Wide-leg denim jeans galore!

One of the most trendy outfits of today: a tight top paired with wide-leg pants! It’s easy to wear and is most available in different clothing shops.

With her dark denim jeans and pink top, Andrea Brillantes understood the assignment!

Maris Racal seems to be on equal footing, too! With a corset-like top and beige jeans for her outfit, she’s in for a day’s worth of “pag-awra!

Must-haves: bandanas and scarves!

Bandanas and scarves are staple accessories back in the 2000s. They are “must-haves” because of their great versatility— you can do almost anything with them! Depending on your outfit, you can adjust how you want to wear them.

Here, Heart Evangelista wore it around her face, pulling off a more sophisticated look. Gorgeous.

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Kylie Verzosa, on the other hand, paired the accessory with a bikini top. She definitely owned the beach that day!

Of tank tops and baby tees!

In general, Y2K tank tops and baby tees are shirts cropped above the belly button. They are tight and usually paired with wide-leg pants or sweats.

Julia Barretto sported one in an Instagram post of hers. The color of her clothingbaby blue really brought out the youth in her!

Did you like a particular Y2K-inspired outfit? Let us know!

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