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Why are photos great memory keeper?

Why are photos great memory keeper?

In today’s digital world, almost all of us are tech-savvy. Almost all memories are shared through photos on countless social media platforms. This concludes me to the idea that photos are the great memory keeper.

Photos aren’t just papers. They are not just pictures saved on your phone.

As someone who’s fond of collecting memories, taking pictures is what I never forget to do at times. Photos are so special to me; it tells so many stories— either good or bad. It preserves memories that surely lasts for a long time. Perhaps not to some but collecting pictures has become a very relaxing hobby of mine.

Photos are not just something we have on our phones or even on printed one. It gives us a reminder that not everything will forever retain in our mind. It lets us document events to which it’ll last not just through paper but through our hearts. Some argues to “Always live the moment.”, this made them say that photos are somewhat insignificant. But what if some moments do deserve a lifetime remembrance?

Often times, we cannot help but to reminisce stories. It’s also true that memories deteriorate over time. We can never retell stories we forget in our minds. But preserving good times through capturing photos gives us the chance to look back. It gives us the chance to recapture and relive special memories we experienced back then. It offers us a great way to let other generations capture our cherished moments – so we really need to do it right.

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We can never deny how time and life flies by. We often don’t realize it before it’s too late. Tomorrow will never be the same as today or yesterday. There will always be wholesome moments that will never happen and can never happen again on the following days. Everything’s indeed uncontrollable, thus, a lot of things can happen in just a blink of an eye.

You got your unlimited chance to take wonderful photos around you every day. Time won’t stop just to give you chance to remember things. So why not start collecting lovely memories through camera flashes?

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