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What the viral “Burnt Toast Theory” is trying to teach us

What the viral “Burnt Toast Theory” is trying to teach us

The “Burn Toast Theory” was posted on Twitter, and it has since then become a viral topic across all social media sites. Sure it might not be a paradigm-shifting kind of theory, but you can for sure learn a thing or two from this theory! When everything feels like it is falling apart, a Burnt Toast might just save the day.

What the viral “Burnt Toast Theory” is trying to teach us

The Burnt Toast Theory explains that:

“If you burn your toast in the morning, the time you spend making another toast may have saved you from a car accident; or make you late to a meeting but you meet someone on the way that will become special in your life.”

1. The universe is always protecting you.

For some, burning a toast in the morning can already put them in a grumpy mood that can last the whole day. Because a good start to a day makes a good day, right? It’s a domino effect. But the universe has its own way of protecting us(even though it might not always be pleasant for us). A tiny inconvenience like spending a few more minutes making another toast or scraping off the charred layer of your toast or having to prepare a totally different breakfast might actually be saving you from an even bigger inconvenience. 

2. Accept imperfection and appreciate the small things in life.

A piece of toast may just be a small part of your meal in the morning. But when you accidentally burn it, you actually realize that it can have a great effect not just on your breakfast but even your whole morning. But when you are rushing to go to work or to school, either you just scrape off the burnt parts or try to find something else in your fridge. When one thing fails, you realize that there is always a replacement or a solution.

3. Timing is everything.

You’re toasting your bread. The first time you check it, it’s still so soft and has none of the perfectly golden tones yet. The second time you check it, close to your desired level of toast, but not quite there yet. So you give it just a little more time. Third time checking it, and it’s charred! not golden brown, but instead black and far from edible. Not just perfectly sweet because of the toast, instead bitter.

This can teach you so much about timing. You have to admit that sometimes timing really is everything. You could have already settled with the almost-perfect toast, but you want it to be spot-on perfectly toasted. And now, the perfect toast is gone.

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4. Be a glass half-full.

Burning your toast today, will not curse you with Burnt Toast for the rest of your life. Learn from today, and adjust your temperature or timer tomorrow. So the toast doesn’t get burned again. Yes, you might have struggled a bit this morning, but tomorrow is always a fresh start.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is crashing down on you because it is one mishap after the other. You woke up late, forgot to iron your clothes, burnt your toast, missed your bus, and then got late to work. But that might have actually saved you from something bigger like getting stuck in the traffic because of an accident. Another inconvenience is the last thing you would want, but it might be actually just what you really need.

To slow down, to try another route, to change up your breakfast, to be late to work just so you can meet your boss in the hallway and they remember your presentation that impressed them the last time.

Sometimes, you really have to taste the charred bitter toast, so you could appreciate how sweet life has always been to you.

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