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Documentary Review: ‘Fimagas Class of 2022’ Ceremony

Documentary Review: ‘Fimagas Class of 2022’ Ceremony

Fimagas Class of 2022’: A Documentary by I-Witness focuses on the school changes and happenings of Fimagas Elementary School. Located in Barangay Fimagas – Katipunan I.

The team interviewed one specific teacher namely Wylonee Rasonable. In the said episode, the film has shown that Teacher Wyloner traveled miles away. Did this only to prepare the graduation venue of the said elementary school.

It was quite far from where the teacher resided. But regardless of it, she still motivates herself to accommodate the students and their parents.

Fimagas Class of 2022: A Documentary

I believe that the new normal academic year has really been a relevant topic to discuss. The majority of the population has been experiencing major adjustments in workplaces, and even in school administrations. The pandemic brought transitions from traditional to modern work and school setups.

Today, the majority of the students as well as their parents dreamt to have the old routines back. The nostalgic ones, wearing caps and hoods for the graduation ceremony, marching in the aisle, and having wide smiles on their faces.

I am fortunate to have seen one of the inspiring documentaries uploaded by Mr. Atom Araullo and his I-Witness team.

Alfonso Tomas Pagaduan Araullo, commonly known as Atom. A Filipino journalist, one of the best-known faces in broadcast journalism in the Philippines. Has risen to prominence following his extensive coverage of typhoons, and other specific strongest storms to make landfall.

A model, occasional actor, triathlete, television presenter, and radio host.

Mr. Atom and the team escorted Mr. Rasonable from her hometown all the way to Barangay Fimagas. The road is a bit rough and way too slippery especially when raining — prone to landslides.

The documentary has shown 3 hours of crossing bridges, and rocky paths, surrounded by mountains, and they finally got to the campus.

No electricity, hot, and humid.

The most-awaited ceremony

Due to the recovery of face-to-face classes this year, some are privileged to learn more. Unfortunately, the majority of the students dropped out due to financial issues.

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According to the documentary, 17 Kinder Pupils and 17 Grade School Students graduated despite the severe difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

The parents and the teachers joined in the efforts. Decorated the venue, put makeup, and did hairstyles of the completers to finish the graduation look.

According to the valedictory speech of the top student, Laida Gumandig, (translated in Tagalog) “Proud ako, kasi ‘yung mga magulang ko masaya nu’ng nalaman na ako ‘yung first sa klase.”

“Gusto ko talaga na mag-aral siya, hindi ako papayag na hindi siya mag-aral ngayong taon kasi Grade 7 na siya. Magsisikap ako…” her mother added.

Despite the fact that their skirts are only stapled because it doesn’t fit, their black shoes aren’t new, and school blouses and polo are only borrowed—their achievements are treasured and remembered.

Regardless of the hardships and obstacles brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, they still made it to triumph.

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