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Philippine Sun Princess: Michelle Dee is ready to conquer the World

Philippine Sun Princess: Michelle Dee is ready to conquer the World

After Gazini Ganados successfully landed on Top 20 of Miss Universe 2019, yet cards weren’t on her side to clinch a back-to-back win after Catriona Gray, all eyes are now set to Michelle Dee, Philippine bet for Miss World 2019.

The 23-year-old daughter of Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez is competing for the Miss World title against 120 candidates in London.


Michelle, being very hands-on with all her preparations for the pageant, had a meeting with Francis Libiran for her National Costume and told the fashion designer that she really wanted to incorporate all the national symbols like the sun (in our National Flag) and other historic symbols.

On Monday, December 9, 2019, official photos of the National Costume of Michelle were released. In an Instagram post of Aces and Queens, Michelle’s beauty camp, they described the Philippine national costume as:

“This state-of-the-art version of the Philippine Terno is a celebration and preservation of rich Filipino culture. The design of the Sun on the collar is inspired by the Sun of the Philippine national Flag, customized in Francis Libiran signature intricate Art Deco embroidery. It is a symbol of optimism, positivity and courage.”

“The custom embroidery patterns, is inspired by the historic Visayan tattoo called Batek. They were found in the earliest illustrations of our Visayan warriors in the 16th-century Boxer Codex. To our ancestors, Batek symbolized bravery and triumph. This well-crafted wearable art piece is made of fine soft tulle, intricately embroidered with custom embroidery and hand-made beadwork.”


Meanwhile, pageant fans can continue to vote for Michelle through the Miss World website. In fact, this will give her a chance to move on the next round of the competition.

Michelle already won the Miss World 2019’s Group 17 – Head to Head Challenge, defeating Rwanda, Aruba, Dominican Republic, and Ghana. Of course, this is an edge for her to win the prestigious crown.

Miss World 2019 Grand Final Night happening on December 14 in London  (December 14, at around 10 pm Philippine time).

Designer: Francis Libiran

Photo/Video: Mike Gella

Makeup: Dave Quiambao

Hair: July Vito

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Location: Empire Studios

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