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Overrated or Underrated? Filipino Food Edition

Overrated or Underrated? Filipino Food Edition

Filipino foods are my standards. Before I could even learn how to talk, I have been eating my mom’s homemade dishes. On happy occasions, holidays, and even on my down days, Filipino foods have been there for me.

However, sometimes something about Filipinos overhyping our food doesn’t sit right with me. Here are the Filipino foods I grew up with and what I think about them.


Please, this is so OVERRATED. What even makes Lumpiang Shanghai so special? The meat inside? Because it’s bite-size? I love lumpia but let’s be honest here, it’s too overhyped. It’s literally just minced meat and vegetables wrapped inside and then deep-fried.

Since this is a dish so many people prepare, we collectively come to the conclusion that Lumpiang Shanghai is worth it. I can’t remember how many events I’ve been to that serve Lumpia. Let’s bring variety and creativity to the table next time, please.


Forever in the shadow of Adobo and Sinigang. Tinola is such an UNDERRATED Filipino food. People hating on it and saying it’s just chicken and water clearly haven’t had a delicious bowl of Tinola. So sad for these people that can’t appreciate the rich and delicious taste of the dish because of their sorry cooking skills.


Everyone wants Lechon for every special occasion. But personally? If it’s not Lechon Cebu that’s bursting with flavor, I’d rather munch on a Jollibee chicken joy. Lechon overall is OVERRATED. Most Lechons are so bland and don’t really taste anything before you dip them in a good sauce. The crispy skin that most Filipinos take pride in, literally goes limp within a few hours of it being served on the table.


Sisig is in my top 3 most favorite dishes of all time! I love it since I was a kid and would always order it in any restaurant any chance I get. But to be completely honest, Sisig is so OVERRATED nowadays. I think I have the qualification to say this after I had countless disappointments after restaurants served me their Sisig.

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People really had the audacity to call it Sisig when they just served me chopped liempo sautéed in onions. Too many people are making Sisig without putting into consideration how much they’re degrading the long history of the dish. At least make the effort to learn to cook a proper Sisig next time.


No! Arroz Caldo is not just for sick people! This stereotype seriously needs to stop. This dish is so UNDERRATED. Arroz Caldo can be eaten as any meal of the day. Besides from being there with you on your sick days, you can have this simply when you’re strolling around the park, or make it for yourself as a meal. It’s so easy and cheap to make plus it’s a very filling meal!


I’m sorry but I can never understand the hype about this. It’s so overly praised that it even reached so many foreign countries. Balut is simply just so OVERRATED. It doesn’t taste good. It’s so grotesque to eat. I just don’t understand how so many people can find this delicious. Can we find other dishes to brag about to people outside the country? Cause trust me, from their reactions, they’ll never eat this dish again.

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