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Rating of Filipino Street Foods

Rating of Filipino Street Foods

One thing that binds us Filipinos is our love for food. Especially the ones found on the streets. Whether after school or after work, it is indeed a pleasure to munch something on our way back home. Despite being “unhealthy” as other people put it, Filipino street foods are always worth the guilt.

So, if you are planning a mukbang of Filipino street foods, then this rating is made just for you.

10. Binatog

Binatog street food
Photo | Casa Baluarte Filipino Recipes

Binatog is a popular Filipino street food. Made with white corn kernels, topped with freshly-grated coconut and salt or sugar. This can be seen in large metal tins carried and sold by vendors on the streets.

9. Dirty Ice Cream

Dirty ice cream on street
Photo | Rappler

Kring! Kring! Perfect to eat while walking under the sun, Dirty Ice Cream it is! With various flavors to choose from, dirty ice cream can be bought in a wafer cone, paper cup, or even with a bun.

8. Banana Cue

Bananacue street food
Photo | Sweet Simple Vegan

“Banana Cue!” the vendor shouts. These are saba bananas, skewered in a bamboo stick and then deep fried until caramelized with brown sugar. Sometimes sold along Kamote Cue; a street snack cooked the same way as the former but with Kamote as the main ingredient.

7. Fishball & Kikiam

Fishball and kikiam street food
Photo | Yummy Kitchen

Known to be the cheapest street food in the country, you can never go wrong with Fishball and Kikiam. These, for sure, are the main characters in a food cart along Filipino streets. Paired with manong’s very own sawsawan, it would be the best five-peso purchase.

6. Calamares

Calamares street food
Photo | Panlasang Pinoy

Made with breaded squid sliced into thick rings, Calamares is one of the few seafood snacks in the Philippines. Sold per piece in the streets, you can get a taste of the sea for a coin.

5. Turon

Turon street food
Photo | Foxy Folksy

Turon is one of Filipinos’ favorite sweet snacks. Made with ripe bananas sliced lengthwise, then rolled in sugar before placing in a spring roll wrapper and deep fried. Partnered with a hot black coffee, your meryenda is basically set.

4. Chicken Skin

Crunchy Chicken skin
Photo | Low Carb Maven

Chicken Skin is literally just chicken’s skin, cut into bite-size pieces then wrapped in a batter made of flour and some spices. This is usually sold in a cup, and can be either a snack or a pulutan during drinking sessions.

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3. Kwek – Kwek & Tokneneng

Tokneneng and balut street food
Photo | Recipes Spot

Kwek – Kwek and Tokneneng cannot be missing in a Filipino street. These are chicken eggs with different sizes covered in a deep orange batter. Complemented with spicy vinegar with chopped red onion and bits of cucumber, Kwek – Kwek and Tokneneng are sure wins.

2. Isaw

Isaw street food
Photo | Trip Advisor

Isaw is grilled chicken or pork intestines skewered in a stick. Thoroughly cleaned, boiled then marinated before actually grilling. Highly loved by many, Isaw is almost everyone’s favorite.

1. Balut

Balut street food
Photo | Mashed

Balut is a hard-boiled fertilized duck egg usually sold during night. Best when served warm, paired with salt and spicy vinegar. A typical night snack for Filipinos.

So, what else are you waiting for? Get up, pick up your wallet, roam around the streets and for sure, you will encounter any of the street foods listed. Be full, Fella! To our next food trip!

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