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Top 5 Finger Foods that You Should Try

Top 5 Finger Foods that You Should Try

The Philippines can offer a variety of delicious foods. This can range from deserts, full course meals, drinks, and even appetizers like finger foods. And as Filipinos, finger food has been part of our identity as we grow up. The finger food we loved when we were younger is still predominantly alive.

Basically, finger foods are the food that is provided in a way that makes it easy to eat with the fingers. This type of Filipino food is commonly found in celebrations like fiesta, birthdays, or even gathering. I am sure that you have tasted one already. Maybe your favorite finger food is or was Shanghai.

The common finger foods are lumpia, turon, empanada, and chicharon bulaklak. However, a lot more finger food is not quite familiar to all of us. Some regions and areas in our country have their own unique finger food.

If you are planning to have a finger food mukbang, then this list is made just for you. 

5. Talong Bola-Bola

Most of the children love meatballs. Therefore, many mothers use vegetables to create one. The eggplant or talong has been the most used vegetable to make veggie meatballs. 

Photo from Panlasang Pinoy

These meatballs sometimes referred to as bola-bola, are sometimes eaten by Filipino children during recess at school. Moreover, there are many recipes to level up the simple talong bola-bola as a finger food. Some mothers use cheese to mix into the eggplant meatballs to give them a cheesy flavor.

For the dipping sauce, I would personally recommend garlic aioli. However, if you are not a fan of garlic aioli, you can dunk it in your favorite dipping sauce. 

4. Lumiang Togue

Lumpiang Togue is basically the same lumpia that we have on our minds. The only thing that makes this one different from other lumpia is its main ingredient. Lumpiang Togue is a Filipino delicacy prepared with bean sprouts, pork strips, carrots, and green beans—all wrapped in egg roll wrappers. And then, after being deep-fried till crispy, they are served with any dipping sauce of your choice.

Photo from Lumpiang Bahay Recipe.

I personally love this finger food because they are super crispy, and delicious. With the use of togue, we are sure that this is nutritious too.

3. Ukoy na Togue

These crunchy Filipino vegetable fritters are made using a thin batter, togue or bean sprout, and shrimp. They are then fried till golden. Moreover, the recipe for cooking this one varies from region to region. Some people add and change an element. Therefore, you can experiment as well by developing your own recipe. In addition, you can add other vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots.

Photo from Pinterest.

Usually, they are dunked into hot, spicy, or vinegar-garlic dip. But for me, I think vinegar-garlic is the best dipping sauce for Ukoy na Togue. 

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2. Atchara

Atchara is a pickled papaya dish popular in the Philippines. Additionally, it is made with bell pepper, carrots, and green papaya. Moreover, I love this finger food because of its sweet and sour taste. This is due to the vinegar and clove mixed with it. 

Photo from Panlasang Pinoy.

Moreover, if you want your atchara to be spicy, I have your back. To make it spicy, you must mix jicama, onions, or chili pepper. Most adults want this recipe because of its strong kicking flavor.

1. Dynamite

And the first one on my list goes to dynamite. This one is another variety of lumpia. However, this is quite explosive compared to other lumpia because of its main ingredient. Basically, dynamite is filled with cheese, seasoned ground pork, and huge green chili peppers. Afterward, they are deep-fried to a golden brown.

Photo from Panlasang Pinoy.

Many people call it dynamite because of its strong and fiery flavor.

For me, the best dipping sauce for dynamite is the sriracha mayo dip. You can also dunk it in vinegar, mayo, or even ketchup.

Filipino Finger foods are not only limited to Shanghai, Lumpia, or Empanada. The Philippines can offer many finger foods to make your stomach smile bigger. If you have not yet tried these recipes, then looking at this article is your sign to do it now.  

Because if you still have not or have no plans to do so, maybe you are missing half of your life.

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