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Outfit check: What to wear in a ‘No Dress Code’ universities

Outfit check: What to wear in a ‘No Dress Code’ universities

As colleges and universities tend to be more lenient with students’ outfits, college students take this opportunity to dress in their style and flaunt their fashion sense.

As most universities open for the resumption of face-to-face classes, students are excited to be back in their respected universities after a while. If still searching and clueless about clothes, here are five outfit ideas you can add to your style.

Outfit ideas in a ‘No Dress Code’ Universities

Cargo pockets

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During the year 2022 cargo pockets have made their way back into the fashion scene yet as we venture into styles this year, it seems that cargo pockets are not going anywhere too soon. 

People seem to love them nowadays because of their versatility and comfortable fit.

If you are looking to be comfortable while being fashionable in school adding cargo pocket pants, shorts, skirts, and coats will definitely level up your O.O.T.D.


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For students in air-conditioned colleges and universities who want to keep themselves warm yet do not want to wear jackets for some reason, blazers are a great alternative to keep you comfortable while adding a new flair to your outfit.

Blazers are best to pair with casual pieces of denim but you can try and experiment and top it on any clothes since it is also a versatile piece of clothing.


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During the pandemic, a lot of people took interest in crochets and saw them as a hobby. This gave it a reason to become popular in recent years.

Its popularity paves the way for different brands to release this kind of outfit. Surely, crochets can be an additional style, especially if it is a wearable wardrobe in tropical weather like we have in the Philippines.

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Pink and Green Outfits

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Bright colors are certainly back with the rise of colors pink and green. This color can be worn in outfits like dresses, cardigans, and shirts.

In fact, the color pink will be prominent according to fashion experts with Greta Gerwig’s Barbie set to release in 2023.


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If you are already set with your outfits and you just want to add something to your get-up that will add more style, it’s a must have. Handbags are a classic when it comes to fashion. Adding handbags will surely add a sophisticated vibe to your look.

Just remember to choose outfits that are acceptable and comfortable within your college or university. Good luck!

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