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Getting to know the rom-com core aesthetic

Getting to know the rom-com core aesthetic

If you lived through the 2000s, you already know that fashion trends back then were confusing. Although it looked puzzling, it was definitely a fun decade for the fashion industry. Aside from slip dresses, tube tops, cargo pants, and claw clips, rom-coms are also another thing that completely defined the decade. With 2000s fashion trends and rom-coms making a comeback, they made a lovechild that is probably going to be the biggest fashion trend of 2023 — rom-com core

Getting to know the rom-com core aesthetic

According to Pinterest, the trending topics revolve around the rom-com core aesthetic. These include searches for the 2000s girls, cool girl aesthetic outfits, pink mini skirt outfits, rhinestone dresses, and summer outfits vintage 90s among others.

These topics are equivalent to rom-com core. It’s basically the Y2k fashion being elevated with the main character energy that defined the movie industry in the 2000s. 

“That means upgrading everyday moments and making small habits, like trips to the coffee shop, feel like a scene from their favorite romcom. But this time, they’re the star.”

Pinterest Predicts

PureWow listed down movies that truly capsulated the entire aesthetic of rom-com core. Plus, they recommended essentials that people can go ahead and purchase to give off that main character energy. You’re going to need an oversized blazer, a lace-trim slip dress, a sweater dress, a pair of booties, wide-legged cargo jeans, and so much more. 

But, why was rom-com core dubbed as the biggest fashion trend of 2023?

HuffPost talked to Marta Topran, the fashion and beauty creator lead at Pinterest. She mentioned that millennials and Gen Z individuals sought sartorial inspiration from the rom-coms that dominated the 2000s. Basically, the entire aesthetic has become an homage to powerful female main characters. The quintessential leading ladies of the genre embody the confidence that everybody wants.

“It’s more than just an aesthetic… Beneath their candy-colored clothes and impeccable hair, they were strong, self-assured ladies.”

Marta Topran on rom-com core

So, without further ado, let’s look at iconic 2000s movies and style outfits that you can wear anytime and anywhere.

You can wear these rom-com core-centric outfits in the office, during a fancy brunch with the girls, for a night out, or even on a date with your beau! You will look and feel like the quintessential leading ladies that we all want to be this 2023.

13 Going On 30

Although Jenna Rink isn’t the only stylish 30-year-old in 13 Going On 30, she’s the star of the movie. Plus, she truly gives off that main character energy that heavily inspired the rom-com core. I know the bright rainbow-printed dress is the most iconic outfit in the entire movie.

But, there are more Jenna Rink outfits that you can wear for yourself.

The outfit on the poster is just as iconic and you can wear it anywhere and anytime. You’re going to need a pink slip dress with black lace trim, a white oversized blazer, a pair of white kitten heels, and a handbag in a similar hue to the dress.

She’s The Man

Viola Hastings didn’t have a lot of feminine outfits as she spent the entire movie dressing up as her brother, Sebastian. But, whenever she does, she definitely slays it. Despite pretending to be someone she’s not, she was confident enough to believe that she was going to make it into the men’s soccer team of their rival school. 

That belief she had for herself was definitely a must for every girlie in 2023.

The rom-com core dress that she wore during the Junior League Carnival was unforgettable. And, you can definitely wear a similar one for an event that you want to go to. Let the skirt flow and make everyone out there envy your main character energy. 

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andie Anderson has a lot of fashionable moments in this movie. Of course, this makes sense as she works as a writer for a magazine which, for me, is completely understandable. As a senior editor, I feel like I always have to put on my A-game when it comes to dressing up on a daily basis. 

But, for the sake of rom-com core, there is definitely a favorite among all of her outfits.

And, that’s the one that we see on the poster. The yellow low-neck low-back maxi satin dress looks unbelievable. She wore her hair in a low bun and a pair of stilettos that complimented her long legs. Then, she completed her entire outfit with a white and gold clutch.

The Princess Diaries

Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi is an icon. Aside from being a literal princess, she was smart, witty, and just like any other teenage girl out there. Despite that, it is important to note that all of her outfits have been an inspiration for both millennials and Gen Z individuals.

Even the uniform that she wore for half of the entire movie looks iconic.

And, with that said, academia outfits are the easiest outfits to recreate. All you need is a long-sleeved cropped button-up, a tartan skirt, an oversized blazer, and a pair of platform loafers. To make it more Mia Thermopolis, don’t forget a charm bracelet that has been a sign of her friendship with BFF Lily Moscovitz.

A Cinderella Story

We all wanted to be Sam Montgomery at some point in our lives. Sure, the evil stepmother and step sisters were not that great. But, she was smart, has the best friend ever, and has a wonderful godmother. Aside from that, the most handsome guy in school was looking for her.

Beyond that, she does have one specific outfit that everyone wants to recreate.

See Also

And, that is her Cinderella outfit… which turns out to be Rhonda’s old wedding gown. But, with that said, we can’t necessarily wear a wedding gown to brunch or even a night out. So, maybe, we can just look for a shortened version with a tubed top and a flared skirt. Then, complete the entire outfit with a pair of elevated pink sneakers. It’s definitely rom-com core worthy.

10 Things I Hate About You

Kat Stratford is the antisocial girl that we’ve all become after the pandemic. She’s cool, she’s badass, and she’s one-of-a-kind. And, she definitely doesn’t take bullshit from anybody. The first time I watched this movie, I wanted to be her. And, that’s saying a lot. 

Although I would love to recreate a lot of her outfits, there is definitely one that looked laid-back and comfortable that, thankfully enough, I already have in my closet.

You can recreate this outfit with a cropped tie-up maroon cardigan, black comfortable trousers, and a pair of platform sandals. You can wear this to go on an errand, on a date, and on a quick coffee with the girls. It’s comfy and laid-back and definitely rom-com core.

Mean Girls

Yes, I know. I know, Cady Heron is the star of the movie. But, Regina George is the fashion icon in the entirety of the film. She may be mean, evil, and wicked. But, she does have a great style.

All of her scenes allow her to encapsulate that confidence and self-esteem that rom-com core is all about.

So, we might as well recreate her outfits instead of Cady’s. The poster is the easiest and probably the most Regina George one that we can do. The items that you’re going to need are simple. A white sleeveless cropped top, a pink mini skirt, a pink cropped cardigan, and a similarly-hued pair of pointed kitten mules. Then, complete the entire outfit with some attitude and you’re good to go.

Notting Hill

Anna Scott is a star. She literally is; that’s her entire character right there. And, you can be, too. Surprisingly, her outfits are all easy to recreate and replicate. Her entire wardrobe screams rom-com core. During the meet-cute between her and her soon-to-be lover William Thacker, she wore an unforgettable outfit.

She kept it neutral with some black-and-white action.

She had a white sleeveless crop top, black trousers, an oversized leather blazer, a pair of Vans Old Skool platforms, and a black beret. Then, she completed her entire outfit with a pair of sunglasses and a black baguette handbag.

So, what do you think about the rom-com core? Will you be trying this new aesthetic out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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