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My Tips on How to Elevate Your Outfits

My Tips on How to Elevate Your Outfits

In every occasion, event, or important activity, part of our preparation is planning an outfit. You have an outfit in mind that you planned and decided to wear for the big event. Assessing yourself in the mirror, the outfit didn’t turned out as expected. Frustrated, you asked yourself, “What went wrong? What’s missing?”

Have you encountered such scenario? A well-planned complete set of what we will wear but end up looking dull. Most likely, your look is not elevated enough. It lacks a dash of uniqueness and creativity. The question is, how can we achieve an elevated look? Well here are my own tips to make this possible.

Details matter in an outfit

Pexels | (Left to Right)Tuka Bianca, Godisable Jacob

Small details in every clothes are as important as the bigger ones. Never overlook fine details as they can add the unique factor in your fit. Small details such as embellishments, patchworks, hem frays, delicate linings, and such add more flavor to a basic piece.

Try different Silhouettes

Pexels, capturenow | (Left)SAN wedding, (Right)Benjamin Romero

Silhouette is crucial in choosing an outfit since it either defines or create an illusion in our body. If you are thinking of wearing a dress, refrain from always sticking to fitted or loose silhouettes. Instead, combine or modify the traditional fitted and loose silhouettes. Explore from other types such as A-line that is best at highlighting the waist. For a more flowy and dramatic look, go for empire or ball gown silhouettes that cascade naturally on your body.

Layer your clothes

Pexels | Darina Belonogova

Putting additional layer of clothing is not just meant for cold weathers. Layering prevents in making an outfit to look “bare” or “incomplete”. An example and probably the most easiest to pull off is to layer a long sleeved button-down to either a crew neck tee, tank top, tube top, or any blouse of choice.

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Balance and Structure

Pexels | (Left to Right)Mikhail Nilov, cottonbro

Try to balance your outfit and include structure. Make sure that the clothes you wear won’t mask your natural figure, but flatter it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different silhouettes with one another. Not only does it adds structure and dimension, but also variety in an outfit.

Refraining from looking basic or comic in every outfit we wear must be puzzling. It’s unnecessary to invest on lavish brands just to boost our style. Unwarily, all it takes are simple ways like I indicated, to achieve an elevated look. How do you find my take on elevating an outfit? Discover more of my articles through this link.

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