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Transform these Gym Wear Staples into Athleisure Outfits

Transform these Gym Wear Staples into Athleisure Outfits

What comes in mind when comfort and fashion meet? Casual clothing? Close enough, but it is not. I am talking about athleisure.

Athleisure outfits where the adrenaline and energy brought by athletic wear crosses the relaxed and nonchalant basic pieces or lounge wears. If it sounds confusing, just picture wearing something for your regular gym or yoga sessions then going out for some stroll.

Simply put, athleisure is anywhere between active wears and casual wears. This style adheres to occasions where we want to dress comfortably without looking lazily. The sporty vibe evoked by this style offers an edge into the look.

Now that I gave a quick run-down of what is athleisure style, it is time to figure what makes athleisure, athleisure. Gym clothes or active wears comprises this style. To make it look wearable, these are matched with basic wear. With gym wears accounting half of the whole style, I will suggest some to achieve the athleisure look.

Sports bra

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Sports bra is well-loved by gym gals for its comfort and support. Not only for those advantage but also because you can style it as an outerwear. Just combine your sports bra to any track pants, cargo pants, sweat pants, or wide leg pants.


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Hoodies are obvious choices when we’re out of anything to wear. However, this comfortable piece is an essential in aiming the athleisure look. Wear it with any bottoms of choice and layer over a cardigan, jacket, blazer, or trench coat for a more polished look.


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The snug and coverage provided by leggings makes it everyone’s favorite. It is one of the easiest bottoms to style with, since it goes well with shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, jackets, tank tops, crop tops and even sports bra. Leggings doesn’t mean sticking to the usual black, experiment with bright colors or try those with mesh detailing.

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Matching sets

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Matching sets are true to its core by being multifunctional. They can be stand-alone pieces to mix and match with, or wear it as is. Matching sets vary from track suits, top-sweat shorts, or top-sweatpants.


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Contrary to the usual jackets, windbreaker is lighter and is designed to defy winds, hence the name. Either for a quick jog, outdoor hikes, or just strutting on streets, windbreaker serves it purpose. For an athleisure peg, shift jacket to windbreaker as your cover up.

Being effortlessly chic is just one of the reasons to execute this style. Whether you’re a gym-goer or gym wear enjoyer, athleisure fits all. For more of my articles, give this link a visit.

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