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Other Than Salad: Filipino Holiday Foods to Last Throughout the Upcoming Holidays

Other Than Salad: Filipino Holiday Foods to Last Throughout the Upcoming Holidays

The last holiday season, when you think of it, seems like it just happened a month ago. But now, only one month to go before we can finally celebrate the holidays again. With these Filipino Holiday foods, this year’s Noche Buena and Media Noche will be better than ever.

Other than salad: Filipino foods to last throughout the upcoming holidays

You’re probably on pins and needles already. You might already be like that during the first month of the ‘ber’ season. And I can tell a lot of things are running through your mind thus far because this Filipino blood can relate. From your house decoration, your family’s vacation trip, outfits to wear for your never-ending parties, to foods you need to prepare. You want them grand and screaming, don’t you? Of course, you only get to spend two weeks of holidays or fewer a year. Plus, you have plenty of reasons worth celebrating it.

Food is a big part of the New Year and Christmas celebrations in the Philippines – or any celebration you can think of. From immediate to extended family, they all gather during the Noche Buena feast to experience the rich and bold flavors of Filipino cuisine. So, I’ve made a list to save you from overspending this upcoming holiday season.

Show off these Filipino cuisine on holidays

Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Fried Spring Rolls)

You wouldn’t need to worry whether your guests will like this or not because this is the all-time favorite appetizer of Filipinos at every celebration. Lumpiang Shanghai is great because you eat this with your hands, which is very communal and traditional. So, this recipe is one way to go.

Leche flan Banana Bread

Photo | Kitchen Angel

Leche Flan and banana bread were two of the most searched recipes during the lockdown in 2020. It’s because when isolated, people tend to look for things that give comfort. People try to divert their vexed selves from repetitive routines to being productive. Also, who doesn’t love a slice of good banana bread and melts-in-your-mouth Leche flan?

This recipe is a mash-up of the two most favorite desserts of Filipinos and is deemed likely the climax of your family’s Christmas feast. Let’s get this baking already!

This is simple to make. You have to remember that you’ll need to mix well your dry ingredients and wet ingredients in separate bowls before you can incorporate them into one. Mix, mix, mix, pop it in the oven, sleep, and let that “ding” of the oven wake you up. Just in time to dig into your Christmas dessert. You can cook a bunch of these to last until New Year, and I’m telling you, Leche Flan Banana Bread tastes even better after a few days. Just put it in the refrigerator.


Filipino Holiday foods

It’s definitely a Filipino Christmas if you have a whole Lechon laid perfectly on the dinner table, seducing you for a good bite. Although it isn’t the only national dish in the Philippines, it is still one of the most celebrated and known internationally. 

The party hasn’t started yet, but once Lechon’s on the table, all the guests are ready to score the skin. However, aside from the skin, the tastiest parts of it are arguably the ribs and the belly, where fat is plentiful and the flavor is more concentrated.

You must be drooling now because I am too. You still have one month before that part, but at least you have that in mind already.


Filipino Holiday foods
Photo | Foxy Folksy

It’s not hard to understand why Embutido is a Filipino Noche Buena classic. Its origin dates back to when Spain colonized the Philippines. It was traditionally made of chorizo, longaniza, and vegetables. Over time, Filipinos modified it gradually to suit their taste and preference, resulting in the meatloaf form that it is today.

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Embutido is one of my favorites to eat during Christmas and New Year. It has all those kinds of notes and flavors that you expect from Filipino food. You can prepare many ahead of time, and with proper storage in the refrigerator, you can have this anytime.

Chicken Inasal (Filipino-style Chicken BBQ)

Barbecue is a staple in most Filipino households. As for Chicken Inasal, the dish originated in Bacolod City, Philippines. The term Inasal means “chargrilled” in the city.

This is yet another recipe to help you through the holidays and to get you going even faster. You can make a large volume of this recipe, which makes it a perfect dish for a large number of people.


Filipino Holiday foods

Hamon is a holiday ham that Filipinos serve during Christmas and New Year. There are various versions of Hamon. However, Filipinos are fond of this unique sweet taste of ham.

The secret to this dish is time. You need to prepare this ahead of time because it requires marinating to get that tender and tasty meat. You’re going to love this anyway, so don’t hesitate to add this to your Noche Buena.

That time of the year when you eat and drink too much is near again. If you’re one of those who has to make all the food and all the drinks during the holidays, it becomes really complicated, right? But now that you have an idea, I’m sure you’re ready to take the holidays like a pro.

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