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BEING A MOTHER HEN: Bretman Rock on raising chickens

BEING A MOTHER HEN: Bretman Rock on raising chickens

Once you’ve made the decision, you know you’re going to commit to lifelong care, love, and welfare of your pets. What you don’t know is that you’re bound to discover more about yourself and your pets. You might unleash some wonders about your capability to love as a parent, like how Bretman Rock made it in his mother hen journey.

BEING A MOTHER HEN: Bretman Rock on raising chickens

Bretman rose to fame when one of his makeup tutorials went viral. He did give justice in his makeup, yes. However, what caught the public was his unique humor and bold way of audience engagement. He would instruct his viewers with sentences like, now you’re going to draw a penis on your nose. Then, proceed with a natural poise.

The Filipino-American icon has remained one of the realest in all his social media accounts from then until now. And, if you’re following him on any social media accounts, you know he’s more than just a beauty influencer. He is so damn fine with everything he does – a multifaceted bad bitch indeed.

A year ago, we can remember being involved in another milestone that he achieved. He built a three-story mansion between the mountains and the sea in Hawaii. From every corner to outside to its loft, the entire house was meticulously designed according to his liking. He planned everything to do, in every corner of it.

Bretman Rock has even dedicated a spacious garden to his dogs, turtles, and chickens.


For those who don’t know, his fantasies about chickens started in 2021. He was once fascinated with a chicken strolling around his neighborhood and eventually fell in love with it. He instantly gave the name “Blaze” to the chicken, established on its looks. That wasn’t the only time he interacted with it, as it would always go back to his front yard every day.

Come December, Bretman failed to see Blaze. All his fans witnessed how he used to be worried and looked for “Blazey Baby” around the neighborhood to no avail. Contradicting what he prefers to label himself, the “baddest” seemed to have more good sides.

His fans noticed most of those sides, including when he started his mother-hen era. The icon fancied having chickens when he finally had space for them in his garden. In a Twitter post on March 21, 2022, Bretman manifested his desire to own chickens,

“I really want a chicken coop and raise hens and get fresh eggs every morning.” 

Twitter | Bretman Rock

Instagram official as a soon-to-be Bretmom

A couple of months after manifesting, Rock announced owning a chicken in an Instagram post. Since July, he regularly posts updates about his chickens, from giving them names to flaunting their ‘cutest’ chicken coop. The two of his chickens’ names were inspired by popular Filipino chicken dishes, tinola, and adobo.

He explained on an Instagram story that the name “Bo” is short for adobo, while the hen is called “Tin,” for Tinola. Despite the concept, he assures everyone that more than food, he treats them as his children.  

The mother hen chronicles

In August, the vlogger showed himself incubating chicken eggs on a casual IG story. Every day, he would update his fans about the progress of eggs until the last week of the month.

Before August ended, he announced that the two eggs had hatched. The long wait is over for himself, the uncles, and the aunties (referring to all his fans who kept track of them since day one).

He wrote, “Baby A and Baby B, welcome to the world! August 26, 2022, Virgo Gworls like Beyonce. Thank you for being a part of this mother-hen journey. I can’t wait for ya’ll to watch them grow! What should I name them, aunties and uncles?”

A few days after, the world meets Marites and Martin. Right! The Marites whom Filipinos refer to as someone who acts to know all about others’ lives, and Martin as the popular actor, Coco Martin.

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Takeaways to raising chicken, according to Bretmom

Feeding optimal nutrition

The emotions of chickens aside, an active bird is a healthier bird, and feeding is a factor in this. Every chicken should know the freedom of range, the breeze of fresh air, the warmth of the sun, and the satisfaction from eating their feeds.

Humans are not the only living ones who need a healthy diet, but they too. If you wish to have your eggs directly from chickens, just like Bretman Rock’s, adding variety to their diet will help with it. In a Twitter post, he even emphasized that a part of his routine is to feed his chickens saying,

“That’s not true…. I also feed my chickens 🙁 🙁 🙁 Don’t forget blaze.”

Spend playtime with your chicken

An active chicken is a happy chicken! Your chicken needs to release its energy and strengthen its body through playtime. Playtime is also proven to enhance the relationship between owners and their pets and improves their mental health. To know more about how Bretman is spending playtime with his chickens, check out his Instagram account!

Socialize them with other chickens

Chickens and most pets are social by nature. They may seem afraid when you first interact with them, but you’ll get their heart after a few tries. Chicken owners must take note that spending a day isolated and unchallenged will make their pets unhappy. So, you better take them out where they can be with others as often.

For a more unpopular guide to raising chickens, check this latest fun story of Bretman, reposted by the Philippine Star:


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