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Healthy Noche Buena Menu

Healthy Noche Buena Menu

Did you know that every Christmas season, there’s an increase in the number of patients sent to the hospital? It’s not rocket science trying to guess the culprit of this increase. Since Noche Buena is a festive occasion, people would mostly forget about a healthy lifestyle for a while.

However, that certain while can cause a huge setback to one’s health. Overindulgence in unhealthy food choices increases the risk of acquiring or triggering heart disease or even stroke. Instead of binging on these unhealthy meals, why not try these healthy and savory alternatives instead?

Chicken Pesto Pasta

Photo Credits | allrecipes

For Filipinos who are so used to the taste of our traditional sweet spaghetti, Pesto pasta might raise a few brows here and there. But pasta is pasta, it ought to taste good! With the right ingredients and procedures, Chicken Pesto Pasta is not such a bad alternative to traditional Spaghetti.

It’s a much healthier option plus you get to try out a new dish this Noche Buena. It’s fairly easy to prepare as well! Check out these steps here to make your own Chicken Pesto Pasta. Easier than both Spaghetti and Carbonara to prepare, and a much healthier option! Plus it tastes just as delicious too!

Brown Rice / Red Rice

Photo Credit | mishry

From pasta to rice, Filipinos won’t settle with just either one. In an average Filipino household, the Noche Buena table must consist of both pasta and rice. If you’re consuming that many calories, you should definitely think of a healthier alternative. White rice might be our stable. But brown and red rice, even black rice isn’t bad at all.

Sure, they may be a little bit more expensive than the usual white rice we consume but think of it as an investment for your health. Yes, it may also take a little bit more time to prepare but that shouldn’t be a problem when your health is the one sowing the benefits. If we can’t cut the carbs, at least choose those that are much healthier and tasty.

Pork Tenderloin

Photo Credits | allrecipes

Enough with the Lechon, Hamonado, and Roast Chicken. Go for pork tenderloin! While one might think that since this is pork, it contains as much fat as any Lechon or Ham. Wrong! Choosing the right cut is important if you want a healthy but sumptuous meal.

You can never go wrong with any dish on your Noche Buena as long as you choose lean cuts like tenderloin, loin chops, and sirloin. These cuts have a larger amount of healthy fats that the body needs. In fact, it’s a good idea to include lean cuts from your diet as it’s proven to burn fats and help reduce waist size.

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Chop Suey

Photo Credit | Panlasang Pinoy

Have variety in your Noche Buena table and introduce vibrant colors of vegetables. Instead of all meat, prepare at least 2-3 dishes that include vegetables. Chop Suey is a refreshing addition to the dishes you’re planning to prepare this Christmas season.

It’s a helpful meal for a low-fat diet. Due to its lower sodium content but rich magnesium levels, Chop Suey is a certified food for the heart. Top that off with quail eggs and I’d choose this dish over any main course of the evening.

Lumpiang Ubod

Photo Credit | Panlasang Pinoy

Lumpiang Ubod is the most underrated Lumpia! Rich in protein, minimal fat content, high in fiber, and low in GI (glycemic index); it can improve overall health and even prevent other illnesses. There are so many benefits to simply eating this dish.

Serve it to your Noche Buena table as you brag about the health benefits that it can provide. It’s not too difficult and too expensive to prepare. Besides, with all the nutritional values it contains, it’s worth it.

Whether it’s a holiday festivities or a normal day, we should always choose to consume the foods that would benefit us in the long run. Overindulgence this Noche Buena might cost you more than you bargain. Pace yourself when eating and choose health rather than satisfaction.

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