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Nothing Phone 1: A Phone that is Something

Nothing Phone 1: A Phone that is Something

Carl Pei, the co-founder of the OnePlus company from 2013 to 2020, is the same person behind this new concept. His co-founding of the said brand shows heavily in the Nothing’s Phone marketing strategies. Nothing Phone 1 remains unreleased, but it is already making a name of its own. With the hype it is getting, is Nothing Phone 1 going to be worth the hype? Is Nothing really going to be a phone that is something?

Smooth Experience

Photo Credits to Tech Advisor

Like Oxygen OS in the past, Nothing claims that Nothing OS will bring a clean, pure android-like experience with nothing but the essentials. This OS is designed to deliver a fast, smooth, and personal experience.

Value for Money

The price for this phone remains unknown, still. But considering the Nothing Ear 1, with its premium and unique features, it is fairly a value for money. More to that, it is a successful product. Nothing Phone 1 should be the same. Carl Pei envisions Nothing to be greater than OnePlus in three key areas – ecosystem, privacy, and design. This brand is focusing on the real value for money, indeed!

Ecosystem and Privacy

Nothing Phone 1
Photo Credits to Yanko Design

Nothing made it clear to make an ecosystem like Apple, having a device at the center of that very own ecosystem. Though it is not going to be easy as Nothing is using a third-party OS like Android. But unlike Apple’s exclusive ecosystem only to its own, Nothing wants to make an open one. That being said, Third-party devices would work perfectly in Nothing devices like they normally would in an ecosystem. This kind of ecosystem is a system that would take time to build. But it is a good move for Nothing to make the initiative in doing so.

Carl Pei focuses on Privacy, and it is a big deal. And this brand wants to be the catalyst of change when it comes to data privacy in a smartphone.

Design Language

Nothing wants to emulate a clean and premium design, hence the clean and transparent rear of the phone. Transparent designs look really great when done right. Tho this move is not exactly the same as for Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition which sparked some controversy for its transparent glass back.

Photo Credits to GSM Arena

The semi-transparent back let us see the wireless charging coil and some other components. The phone also has some light sets built into the transparent back. This makes the phone look good, and it also acts as a notification light that was once a standard in Android phones. In a world of same-looking phones, this new design language of Nothing is a breath of fresh air.

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Other Specs

Nothing Phone 1
Photo Credits to GSM Arena

Nothing confirms that it will only run a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Chipset, not making it a flagship candidate for a phone. Based on the images, it houses a dual-camera setup. This camera is reminiscent of what the iPhone X models look like.

As for its charging, there will be a 45W fast charging support. As for its software side, Nothing sports the Nothing OS based on Android 12.

Nothing Phone 1 made it clear that the public is excited about it. This phone truly lives up to its name, as we still know nothing about it as of this writing. Though despite that, it has been some of the most hyped phones in 2022. But wait no further, as this phone is said to be launched in the market on July 12.

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