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MUPH Queens turn into Disney Princesses in a majestic photoshoot

MUPH Queens turn into Disney Princesses in a majestic photoshoot


Once upon a time, the universe chose three phenomenal queens to bring Disney magic to life.

In a magical collaboration, BYS Cosmetics teams up with Disney to launch a beauty collection fit for a princess. Of course, one iconic moment must occur with a company like Disney, and luckily for pageant fans, their kingdom gets chosen.

For the campaign’s beauty promotion, it gathers all of the three titleholders of the Miss Universe Philippines Organization. Rabiya Mateo, Beatrice Gomez, and Celeste Cortesi transform into real-life Disney Princesses through the lens of acclaimed photographer BJ Pascual.

Since Gazini Ganados in 2019, this was also BJ’s first time working with the latest universal queens. As we would expect, the outcome of the shoot was undeniably breathtaking.

Check out the photos below:

Rabiya Mateo as Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Beatrice Luigi Gomez as Belle from The Beauty and the Beast

Celeste Cortesi as Cinderella

BJ’s creative team includes stylist Eldzs Mejia, makeup artist Anthea Bueno, hairstylist Renz Pangilinan, and set designer Princess Barretto for this shoot. Designers Michael Leyva, Job Dacon, and Steph Tan provided the beautiful pieces that the queens wore.

As usual, BJ will be giving us the behind-the-scenes exclusives for this epic shoot. He will be uploading a vlog which will be premiering this Friday, May 20 at 7pm

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