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Harry Styles is entering the ‘Harry’s House’ era!

Harry Styles is entering the ‘Harry’s House’ era!

As we speak, The new album of Harry Styles Harry’s House is premiering on different platforms now, including Spotify, Apple Music, and his official YouTube account. Back, on March 24, 2022, he tweeted its announcement with a picture of him in an upside-down house. Hence, It was an overwhelming moment for his fans as he has not released a new album for 2 years now.

Harry has been in the music industry for a decade now. He was introduced and known as one of the members of the pop boy band, One Direction. But right after the band went on an infinite hiatus, the members parted their ways.

Now that he is riding solo, he has successfully made a name of his own. Since then his voice has serenaded millions of fans. Besides his voice, fans are astonished by his clothing as well. He wears skirts, cropped tops, and dresses. As a result, fans made him an archive of his fashion wears. Hence the singer, songwriter, and actor Harry Styles have become a fashion icon for many of his young fans.

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In his concerts, Harry makes sure to interact with his fans. But that alone is not the only reason why fans adore him. He openly supports the LGBTQIA+ community therefore fans have adored him more. Harry wears and waves a rainbow flag in his concerts all the time. In addition to that, he has supported an openly gay athlete, donates to LGBTQIA+ charities, and helped a fan to come out to their mother. Indeed, Harry is a queer icon!

In his solo career, he has released best-selling albums, which include his self entitled album Harry Styles (2017) and Fine Line (2019). Finally, he is now back with more promising tracks. Initially, he released the first single ‘As it was on the first day of April. But now we are expecting tracks with promising titles Music For a Sushi Restaurant, Late Night Talking, Boyfriends, Cinema, Grapejuice, Love of my Life, Sattelite, Daylight, Matilda, Keep Driving, Little Freak, and Daydreaming.

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