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#Mermified: Being a Mermaid Island’s User and Reseller

#Mermified: Being a Mermaid Island’s User and Reseller

Mermaid Island is a Filipino-founded make-up line that uses natural ingredients to create a safe-to-use cosmetics for everyone, even for pregnant women! Ms. Via Tancuan, the CEO of Mermaid Island, incorporated her love for Disney‘s Ariel, and her search for organic skin care and make-up to create MI‘s unique concept.

In 2020, as a student who wants to learn the basics of selling, I joined in MI as their city reseller, from which they also call us ‘seaster‘. And, I loved the quality of their make-up, so I decided to sell their products, too!

#Mermified: Being Mermaid Island’s Reseller and User

Mermaid Island‘s Facebook Page | Some of the MI Products

I remember my Mom bringing home a make-up loot from MI. I got excited because the product’s presentation is truly creative. From the witty cosmetic names, to their shell-shaped cream highlighter, and its fragrance!

I first started using their make-up, then as soon as I can personally testify its quality, that’s when I decided to join their ‘Mermaid Island Seasterhood‘.

#Mermified: My personal review about their products I’ve tried

My main goal before joining is to ensure that the make-up that I’ll be selling is of excellent quality. The first product that I tried is their ‘Beach Perfect Clay Stain‘.

This clay stain can be used on the lips, cheeks, and lids — perfect for women like me who likes to bring small make-up for touch-ups! Moreover, the clay stain has a buildable shade, fits-perfect in your pocket, and non-sticky even during a humid day.

The second product that I tried is their ‘Shell Yeah Cream Highlighter‘. I first noticed was its shell-shaped design that I think is adorable and creative. I also noticed as soon as I applied it on my face is that it wasn’t overpowering unlike powder highlighters.

In addition, you can easily control your highlighter with this product due to its clay-like consistency. It also comes with different shades such as: pearl white, rose gold, gold, and many others you can use according to your skin tone. And just like the clay tint, this highlighter also has a non-sticky finish which only leaves your face glowing.

Those are some of the first few MI products that I’ve tried. Mermaid Island still releases and invents more organic cosmetics for people can use until now. Furthermore, they also sell skin and body care kits in an affordable price!

Mermaid Island Seasterhood: Experiences of being their reseller

When I joined the seasterhood, my co-sellers warmly welcomed me. And the city distributor near me guided me on how I can resell the products. All the other sellers and distributors were friendly, and they answer each other’s questions nicely.

Even the CEO provides a safe space for new sellers including those with no prior selling experience when it comes to marketing the product. I can testify that the MI‘s community is suitable for newbies, and those who wanted to learn more about selling ,and managing your own virtual store.

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Marketing the products were the easiest for me as a reseller. The pubmats and captions were already provided by their creatives. What I just needed to do is post, share, and use the available platforms to further sell the cosmetics.

Moreover, I opened up an Instagram account connected to my Facebook page to reach more potential buyers. Then after a while, I opened my Shopee store to serve more customers.

Challenges faced as an online seller in 2020

Generally speaking, selling things online is no easy feat. You need to have a wider range of customers for your online business to prosper. Moreover, when I started doing business, it was during the pandemic which made it even harder for me to sell.

I thought to myself: maybe, if I can sell personally, it’ll be easier for me to market the products because I can meet the potential customers. However, doing all of these purely online enabled me to explore and make use of the platforms available.

Good thing, Shopee has features that helps the seller to increase its sales. Furthermore, it also provides its default courier so you don’t have to worry about the shipment.

Being an online reseller of Mermaid Island enabled me to explore more about make-up as a consumer, and to learn more about basic selling as their reseller. Furthermore, that skill can be a stepping stone for someone who plans on managing a future business.
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