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StudEntrepreneur: The takeaways in a student entrepreneur

StudEntrepreneur: The takeaways in a student entrepreneur

being a studentrepreneur

Being a student and an entrepreneur, hence the term StudEntrepreneur brings a kind of experience wherein you can gain something that you can use in the future. And not everyone can handle being a studentrepreneur. In addition, the difference of each people makes them distinct from others when it comes to expertise and intelligence.

Also, not everyone has the same mental ability to handle different fields at the same time. To add to that, we are in a generation when mental health and physical health has been given the same importance. And people do not like to work themselves too hard knowing their capacities.

Being a ‘StudEntrepreneur’

The COVID-19 pandemic has led the online business and selling to rise. Moreover, many students my age started becoming studentrepreneurs that sold various products. Even before, I fear managing a business, but in the mid-2020, I took the risk of entering the industry.

Truly, managing a business can be pressuring. To add to this, you must catch up not only to the monthly quota but also to the trends and demands. In economics, the higher the demand, the higher the supplies. Then the higher the supplies to be sold, the higher the sales.

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To conclude, managing a business while studying helped me hone my time management skills, confidence, and my communication skills. The skills that I acquired helped me, especially in the journalism field.

What can the studentrepreneurs gain in starting a business?

Entrepreneurs have their communication skills in common. And most of the studentrepreneurs that I know have already improved that skill. Which explains their ability to sales talk on the internet.

Basic selling can be used in starting any business. In addition, studentrepreneurs already learned that skill just by selling various products during their learning years. The bottom line, owning a business can be sustainable because the money continuously flows around them and the economy.

The confidence that some studentrepreneurs gained in the process may help them land the job that they wanted. And they may perform their jobs properly because of that.

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Given that studentrepreneurs can handle two roles, their flexibility can make them open to learning new things. Their ability to adapt to changes can be an edge in any industry that they might get into.

Lastly, time management skills can be used whenever any job became demanding of their time. All thanks to entrepreneurship for naturally giving out that skill to the studentrepreneurs. Their ability to sell, advertise, and study, including their personal lives, involves managing time.

However, in every starting business, there will always be risks.

The risks of getting scammed, the money lent for starting the business going to waste, and even being left out in the industry.

In contrast to the risks, products offering good qualities, and uniqueness help studentrepreneurs keep up with the demands of the economy.

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