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The Power of Color Correcting in Makeup

The Power of Color Correcting in Makeup

There are days that you will feel that the makeup you did is not enough. Especially if you can still see the redness or dark marks peeking through on your makeup base. No matter how many layers of concealer you put on, it just looks greyish and dull. In this problem, a color corrector will be your best friend.

This makeup essential is known for covering your skin’s imperfections using colorful hues. Because sometimes, even with concealer on, it still feels incomplete. This makeup technique is approved by many makeup artists, it has been a secret to even out complexion without the hassle of putting on too much makeup.

In this article, you will learn the beginner’s guide on color correcting.

Color correctors allow you to cancel out the color of imperfections on your skin such as hyperpigmentation, redness, blemishes, and other discoloration on your face. You must take note of these colors to use for color correcting:

  • Peach/ Salmon: This color is the key to correcting dark marks or discoloration, especially under the eyes. For people with medium to light skin tones, this will work well to create a natural-looking skin tone. This color will also be perfect for blue or purple undertones on your skin.
  • Green: This color will help you hide any signs of redness. Very beneficial for people dealing with acne, rosacea, or any inflammation around the face. The green color will correct and neutralize this redness.
  • Yellow: This will help out correcting purplish-blue marks around the eyes, or on the veins of the cheeks and bruises. This is suitable for people with medium or olive skin tones.
  • Purple: Brightening up and giving that healthy glow is the function of this color corrector. This will address too yellow or orangey undertones to avoid dull-looking skin.
  • Orange/ Red: This is most compatible with darker skin tones. The orange or red color corrector will neutralize blue and purple undertones in their skin and cover up shadows.

How to Use Color Corrector

After finishing up with your skincare or skin prep before makeup, you can apply the color corrector depending on the needs of your skin. This will allow you to have lighter makeup later on, so you don’t have to layer too much concealer resulting in a cakey makeup base. Color correctors have creamy formulas just like concealers. You can utilize a concealer brush or your fingertips to blend that in on your skin. Remember to pat the products and don’t drag them.

Color correctors may look intimidating but don’t worry, you can apply a light layer or just a dot of the product so you can work your way in later on.

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Then, apply to the foundation to even out your skin. You can now go straight to concealer if you need more coverage or to brighten your skin complexion.

Don’t forget to set your makeup with powder! You can proceed to apply the rest of the makeup that you need to finish your look.

This product will be your holy grail in achieving that even and fresh-looking skin. Gone are the days that you will look like you had many sleepless nights!

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