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Making it SMPO and stylish: The fashion-perfect accesory!

Making it SMPO and stylish: The fashion-perfect accesory!

Imagine slaying a monochromatic outfit of the day and then taking out a vape which color strikes the eye and breaks your monochrome goal. Think of yourself going to themed party and then hanging your vape with its color that just don’t match your fashion. Well, thanks to SMPO, you no longer have to deal with these fashion problems. You can now keep everything simple and stylish with this classic brand.

It’s definitely living the life in colors with SMPO vPod line, the first multi-system vape pod. The brand introduces their OOTD-perfect products that would take your relaxation collide with your everyday fashion. From their Crimson Combo, Emerald Tropics, Violet Extract and more color choices, one could enjoy many magnetic pod flavors, including Cranberry Grape, Vanilla Tobacco, and Tropical Mix.

SMPO vPod 1

With its natural handy details, anyone could take SMPO vPod 1 literally everywhere! It is a perfect complement to our best travel OOTD’s, considering the array of colors available in this design. This device gives off classic vibe with its combination of expensive black and another vibrant color of your choice, styled in gradient pattern. But their treat for their users doesn’t end in colors! One can now have their favorite magnetic pod flavor inserted in this device. With SMPO, your preference truly matters.

This line from the stylish brand could be carried on-hand or be left swinging with its sophisticated lanyard. The product’s 28x27x107mm proportions made these level of convenience possible. On the other hand, the treats from SMPO goes beyond their finest designs. The brand made sure to give their users the best experience. And so, this device comes with an output power of 15w and a 750mAh battery for longer usage, thus a better experience for all.

SMPO vPod 2

Introducing SMPO vPod 2, the brand brings in a vape device that stands out with its expensive design and a commendable performance. From the gradient patterns of the vPod 1, this line takes the spotlight with its solid classy colors. Moreover, its matte-finish body surely adds to the expensive look of the device. And this makes SMPO vPod 2 a perfect combination even to the most expensive outfits you wear in your fanciest gatherings!

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SMPO has surely mastered the fusion of convenience and fashion. Their products’ handy features and designs speaks volume of their mastery on this aspect. And to make that statement even louder, SMPO vPod 2 comes in 50x28x76mm handy size. With that proportion, this can definitely be carried anywhere. Moreover, the brand’s commitment to their users manifests in this device’s performance. VPod 2 gives a 15w outage power, 250mAh battery, and a 10mL e-liquid capacity, that adds to the overall experience of using SMPO.

Looking at these latest treats from this brand, their remarkable design and quality performance embark their name in the market. So from your preference, fashion, and vape, let your statement be SMPO and stylish.

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