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Vape: From a User’s Perspective

Vape: From a User’s Perspective

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways for smokers to consume nicotine. This is done through e-cigarettes, also called vapes, in which a device heats up a liquid to create a vapor. And that vapor is what is being inhaled, and it contains nicotine. E-cigarettes can be refillable or disposable and be used for one time only with a certain number of puffs.

Note: We, the Village Pipol Magazine, do not encourage smoking of any kind—whether it be tobacco, e-cigarette, etc. This article is purely for discussion purposes only. Most of these contain nicotine, which, according to heart.org, is a dangerous and highly addictive chemical. It can cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, the flow of blood to the heart, and a narrowing of the arteries. Read at your own risk.
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Some traditional cigarette smokers are transitioning to e-cigarettes in the hopes that they would be able to stop smoking soon. According to statistics, nearly 7 out of 10 smokers say they want to stop. Quitting smoking, or vaping, is one of the best decisions a person will ever make for their health. But what does vaping really have? What is it that’s there?

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And in order for us to know that, here are the three reasons why it is hard to quit vaping, according to users.

Intense sensation

According to users, vaping gives them an intense sensation, especially in the throat, when they are inhaling the vapor, which contains nicotine. This nicotine enters the bloodstream and quickly reaches the brain. Once it reaches the brain, it will stimulate the central nervous system to release certain hormones and neurotransmitters. This is called the “nicotine buzz,” and it is caused by the release of adrenaline, which is why users feel an intense sensation.

Good digestion

Aside from having an intense sensation, vapers also experience good digestion once they are able to vape. This is because of the nicotine buzz. As mentioned above, this is caused by the release of adrenaline. And adrenaline increases your heart rate, increases your blood pressure, expands air passages, dilates your pupils, alters your metabolism, and affects your blood sugar.

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Soothes the nerves

Since nicotine stimulates the central nervous system to release certain hormones and neurotransmitters, this is the reason why users feel that their nerves are being soothed when they are vaping. Aside from adrenaline, nicotine also stimulates the release of dopamine. This chemical produces a relaxing and pleasurable buzz.

These are the reasons why vapers, and even those who traditionally smoke, are indeed having a hard time quitting smoking.

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