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Why Should You Learn Spanish? Here Are 5 Benefits

Why Should You Learn Spanish? Here Are 5 Benefits

The Philippines shares its history with Spain. Given the fact that we are a former colony of the country for over 333 years, their culture was introduced to our country and adapted in many ways. One of which is the Spanish Language. Today, there are many terms that we still use that originate from the Spanish dictionary. We adapted them and even borrowed a few that helped make our culture what it is today.

The Philippines is a country with a diverse set of people and cultures. Given our long history with Spain, it may come as no surprise that studying the language may be something that will interest you. Without further ado, here are the five benefits of studying Spanish.

5 Benefits of Learning Spanish

Common Language

Yes, the Spanish language is the 4th most spoken language in the world. The language is actually the mother tongue of almost 400 million people. In addition, it is also the national language of 21 countries, most of which come from the continent of South America. Learning the language can give you a good grasp of their culture and can make communication easier. It is almost impossible not to meet a person who speaks Spanish.


Being bilingual or learning multiple languages, can highly increase your job opportunities. With this, exploring the Spanish language will not just only increase your assets of getting a job in your country, but it can also increase your job opportunity range to different countries. They can be highly valuable in multiple corporations since they can lead to a wider variety of reach.

You may even get a higher salary for knowing the language. In the setting of the world today, communication is ever so important. The more you can communicate, the more valuable you are.

The Arts

The world consists of many rich and artistic cultures. Although each country has its own unique culture, most of the known ones come from Europe. The continent and its people established multiple spheres of influence around the world, adapting their cultures to one another. Learning Spanish can make you experience the original way of Hispanic culture in a more natural vibe. You get to experience the language in their books, paintings and plays that you can understand more of once you learn it.

Travel Experience

Traveling is definitely one of the biggest benefits of learning Spanish. You can visit multiple countries that use Spanish as their predominant language. However, you might say to yourself, I can travel to the country without needing to learn the language. That is true, you definitely can, it is just that it may only limit your travel experience to those known as tourist destinations.

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It is actually not a bad thing, but learning Spanish can help you immerse yourself more in the country. By throwing away the barrier or restrictions of communication, you can visit areas or talk to people that can explain to you more about their country’s culture, which can definitely enhance our fulfill your travel experience.

The People

Last but not the least, the people. You can meet a variety of people who in turn become your friends when you visit their country. Studying the language opens up a whole new world around you. It is a long-time fact that humans are social creatures, who knows, maybe the people you meet can form lifelong friendships with you.

Try learning Spanish. Learning it can give you the opportunity to meet and interact with people and can help enrich your life.

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