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Top 5 Reasons Why We Should All Learn Sign Language

Top 5 Reasons Why We Should All Learn Sign Language

Along with the celebration of “Buwan ng Wika”, there is one distinct language that we should know by heart – sign language.

Sign language in this day and age is becoming a lot more eminent than it used to be before. People tend to be more accepting today when it comes to embracing one’s differences and assets. Communication is an obvious state which is why learning sign language is essential. By learning sign language, we can effectively converse with our brothers and sisters in the deaf community.

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Awareness of the culture of the deaf community would be of huge appreciation and understanding to their literacy. In this manner, we would be able to make them feel that they are whole-heartedly accepted by the community.

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There are a lot of ways provided on the internet about how we could acquire knowledge about sign language. Merely learning it is easy and even applications are highly accessible if a person wants to learn about it.

In this article, a list of five reasons why we should learn sign language will be discussed.

To genuinely connect with people

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To live in a multi-faceted vast world is to connect with people. Communication is a vital component that makes us a world of diversity but collided as one. In this manner, we should learn sign language to be able to reach out to the deaf community. To be able to understand them and make them feel that they are loved and understood should be our priority. Nothing could be more genuine than being able to understand them and exchange thoughts and emotions with them.

It opens door to a wider culture

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Understanding the culture of the deaf community is an indication of our awareness of them. Also, learning sign language gives us the opportunity to attain bilingualism. It provides the same benefit of gaining knowledge of a foreign language as well. Aside from being able to be part of their culture while understanding them, a sign of respect will also be initiated.

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Makes you embrace diversity

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Diversity fosters new, unfamiliar lines of thought while discovering differences and assets which is critical when brainstorming. The challenge of grasping the essence of sign language could be a huge creative conflict for people. The barrier that stagnantly stands between people and the deaf community calls for a deterioration. Acceptance of the said language implicates that we are accordingly opening ourselves to communicating with the deaf community.

Brings you to a majestic learning

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Sign language helps us to nurture our small motor skills as we use our hand gestures for communicating. Also, depending on a way different sense to communicate than we usually do enhances our vision leading to the attainment of awareness of our environment. Moreover, compared to other spoken languages, learning it is a lot easier. It could be more comprehensive not only for the hearing impaired but also for people with other learning differences and difficulties.

It’s good for your brain

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Learning a second or third language and so on, is a habit that is good for your brain. According to Swedish Scientists, being able to learn a foreign language can respectively increase your brain size. Also, Scientists say that people who know more than one language could achieve better memories and sharpen their brains. 

This month, as we commemorate “Buwan ng Wika”, may we never forget that sign language is also as important as any other spoken language in the world. Let us encourage one another to learn sign language and may we all promote inclusivity for the deaf community.

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