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Learning how to style black with Ida Anduyan

Learning how to style black with Ida Anduyan

We can all agree that black is one of the superior and most versatile colors in clothing. It can make you feel various feelings and emotions. The color can be cool, can be grieving, can be mysterious, and many more. A lot of people choose the color more often due to its versatility, just like content creator Ida Anduyan. Her outfits and style in general will make your jaw drop. She’s someone who can make everything look cool in black.

Learning how to style black with Ida Anduyan

Outfit #1

The details of this top are everything! She paired it with a long skirt that hug her legs so well.

Outfit #2

This fit is on fire! The square neck bralette-type top, the long pants with details, the suit jacket, and boots, what a serve! And aside from her fit, her pose is a work of art! She slayed so hard!

Outfit #3

The slit dress paired with black Prada combat shoes and a Balenciaga bag? Yes, ma’am! Ida Anduyan ain’t chilling cuz she’s slaying! Plus her photos, angles, shots, and poses are such a chef’s kiss!

Outfit #4

Killing it with a cropped blazer, square neck bralette-type top, wide-leg dark denim pants, sandals, and Balenciaga bag. Such a cool #OOTD!

Outfit #5

This outfit is giving a school-cool-kid vibe. And, she ate it! The crop top and skirt look good with Prada loafers and white socks. The headphones and Balenciaga bag add details to the whole look!

Outfit #6

Ida Anduyan in a fitting dress is everything! Her body is such a goal! Her, trusting a cap to casual down a rather fancy-schmancy look is what we are here for! Hands down ma’am for trusting the cap.

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Outfit #7

We can never move on in her fitting dresses. Another one from the one and only Ida Anduyan! The cut-out of the dress in the front gives so much drama to the whole look. And, the silver Balenciaga bag completed the look. She’s just there standing with so much power!

Outfit #8

Vibing in the metro wearing a bralette top, a cropped blazer, a skirt, boots with high socks, and a Dior bag, she slayed black on black once again!

Outfit #9

Ida Anduyan never disappoints us with her jaw-dropping outfits and poses! What a queen! I super love this outfit of hers. She’s wearing a stringed swimsuit and a mesh skirt that hugs her body so well! A pop of white in her necklace, and grey slippers, and she’s there posing and giving us so much confidence! This is how it should be done. Ate and left no crumbs!

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