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KDrama OST that Lives Rent Free From our Minds

KDrama OST that Lives Rent Free From our Minds

If you are going to ask fans why they love Kdrama, they probably answer it with a variety of factors. One might say that these types of material have great plot lines. Meanwhile, the other one might answer about the top-notch performances of the actor. Furthermore, one could also answer about its compelling OSTs that give more emotion to the drama itself.

Throughout the years, KDrama OSTs have been entwined with the program, casts, and viewers. Moreover, it somehow became the show’s heart connecting viewers to the specific scene. Therefore, even without the concept of time, this music still remains fresh in our minds.

Here are a few of the greatest K-Drama OSTs ever created:

You are My Everything

The queen of OST in South Korea, Gummy, sang this song. With Gummy’s powerful yet heartrending voice, this song features the pure intention of love. Additionally, this became the theme song of the program Descendants of the Sun. Released in 2016, this song made over 1,600,720 Korean won.

A Little Braver

In September 2016, Australian rock band New Empire released the song A Little Braver. Subsequently, the 2016 romance drama Uncontrollably Fond featured the song as one of their OSTs. And because it’s about conquering obstacles with courage and faith, many people loved this song. Soon after, it became a huge smash, debuting at No. 3 on the Asia Pop 40 chart. In addition, it also charted on iTunes in eight Asian nations. Furthermore, it had over 1.3 million Spotify streams in South Korea.

Stay With Me

Stay with Me is sung by Punch and Chanyeol of the K-pop group Exo. This song is included on the original soundtrack of the famous 2016 television drama Goblin. Additionally, the musical duo Rocoberry composed the music after Lee Seung-joo wrote it. Thus, this OST became the first K-drama OST MV to surpass 300 million views on YouTube. 


This OST is sung by Tiger JK for the KBS 2TV drama, School 2015. With passionate lyrics that lonely teenagers can relate to, the song Reset is meant to inspire young listeners. Additionally, the lyrics I want to reset in the chorus provide hope to kids juggling their life and education.

Say Yes

This song is sung by both famous singers, Loco and Punch. Say Yes is included in the OST of the 2016 Korean drama series Scarlet Heart: Moon Lovers. Moreover, this song features a romantic feeling of being in love. Therefore, many people fell in love upon hearing this song, especially in the lyrics that state love is true.

You are my Destiny

Sung by Lyn, the song is the official OST of the 2014 drama My Love From the Stars. This drama features two peopleone alien and one human, who definitely are not supposed to meet. Moreover, the song You Are My Destiny expresses the game of chance and the protagonists’ perplexity over love.

Stand By Me

Feel old now? Maybe this song has a special place in our hearts for most of us. This is one of the official OSTs of the hit drama series Boys Over Flowers. Additionally, the popular Korean group Shinee sang this song. 

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Its You

Baby I’m Falling, Head over Heels… Those are the lyrics that have been stuck in my mind forever. Henry Lau, a half Korean and half Canadian singer sang this song. Additionally, this song is included in the official OST of the drama While You Were Sleeping. This drama stars the legendary Lee Joong-suk and Bae Suzy. 

Dream High

Everyone might agree that the drama series Dream High has many incredible original soundtracks. One of these is their first song on the album, Dream High. Sung by Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, and Joo, this song combines melody and rap.


As per this song, memories don’t say goodbye. Everything may fade away; however, the memories created won’t vanish quickly. This song is sung by Christopher and is the official OST of the teen drama series Moment At Eighteen.

These are just some of the most iconic OSTs in kdramaland. OSTs make us even fall harder in every drama that we watch. Indeed, the right music in the right scene can impact the viewer. 

What are your personal favorite Korean drama OSTs? Share it with us.

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