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INSTAGRAM RAID: Twice’s Mina making every photo look elegant

INSTAGRAM RAID: Twice’s Mina making every photo look elegant

Twice Mina

Mina Myoui is not just a talented main dancer and sub-vocalist of the KPOP Girl group Twice but also has noticeable visuals that k-netizens often praise.

TWICE members have recently created their Instagram accounts after years of using one account for nine of them.

Mina’s username is @mina_sr_my which are the initials of her full name, including her American name, ‘Sharon.’

She already uploaded seven photos; from these, we can see how Mina slays an elegant look in every picture!

Let’s look at these photos and learn from Mina’s sophisticated poses!

Fine-looking Jawline

The place where the photo has an exquisite interior design, and Mina’s pose made it more delicate!

She did not just showcase her side profile but added it with a slight touch on her chin.


Binging her head a little forward lengthens her neck, which perfectly accentuates her jawline.

Gracefulness in your toes

Mina applied the rule of one foot forward to make you look taller!

Pointing your toes always adds gracefulness in both stand and sitting pictures.

It makes the legs look longer and highlights the curve of your hips, posing like a pro model!

But did you know why Mina is called a penguin? It is because her feet point outward when she walks. It is a habit she got from learning ballet for 11 years.

Dreamy classy look through ears

Mina did not just turn her head sideways; you must do some tricks to achieve it.

You must bring your ears forward, primarily on the side of your face where you want your photo to focus.

Doing so will emphasize your feature rather than flatten them in typical poses.

Likewise, the whites of the eyes should not be seen to achieve a dreamy look.

A slightly opened mouth screams sophistication

This photo of Mina seems to be a stolen shot while she is walking, but with a facial movement, it turns out sophisticated!

Through slightly opening her mouth, this supposedly lucky shot turns beautiful.

Doing this pose adds an extra focus on the jawline, making a welcoming image of your portrait.


Her magenta-colored knitted top made her natural beauty stand out as it complimented the place’s ambiance.

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Stylish Shoulders

Of course, flaunting it in a photo is a must when wearing street-chic clothes!

Mina has nailed the pose by showing off her cropped polo, trouser, and a dangling chain belt hanging on her waist.


She has slightly turned her shoulders while creating a gap between her arms and waist.

This pose made her look slimmer, which flatters her laid-back outfit.

A Real Elegant

Mina behind the photos is very quiet in public. Among twice the members, she’s the most soft-spoken and modest.

She’s an introvert, but this does not hinder her in giving her fans a good performance and loving fan service.

She treats people with kindness and grace, making fans love her even more.

Furthermore, she recently had photoshoots for Metrocity Neo Bella Collection in Korea.

Her stunning and unmatched visuals are well-loved by brands that you can often see her having photoshoots with them.

Learn from Mina’s posing tips and get that perfect IG post!

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