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INSTAGRAM RAID: Miss Global Shane Tormes

INSTAGRAM RAID: Miss Global Shane Tormes

Shane Tormes is this year’s, Miss Global! She is the first Filipina title holder of the crown since the international beauty pageant was established in 2013. This year’s event competition was hosted by Indonesia and took place at the Bali Nusa Dua International Convention Center, Bali.

Today we will be taking a visit to the newly crowned Miss Global’s Instagram posts.

Her Vogue Outfits!

Aside from her beauty, Shane also shines on her clothes at the Miss Global competition. Her outfits were one of the defining factors of her win as the Miss Global 2022. Here are some instances where Shane has featured on Instagram some of the outfits she used in the competition.

Glowing in Pink Swimwear

This post of Shane in pink swimwear is giving us California Gurls vibes. With her morena complexion and pink swimwear, the beauty queen glowed and captured her Filipina beauty. In her caption she said:

Darling, you are Magic. This is your moment, own it.

Brimming with Pearls

This ocean-like outfit is designed by Patrick Isorena. In her post, Shane explains the reason behind the designers’ inspiration for the outfit. The Philippines is known to be the Pearl of the Orient Seas. Aside from beauty, the pearl symbolizes health as pearls grow in an unpolluted body of water. In addition, the pearl is the country’s national gem!

A Family Oriented Queen!

In her Instagram posts, we also found out about our Miss Global 2022, Shane, and her relationship with her family. As she greeted both of her parents on special days such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day; this gives us the impression that she is a family-oriented woman (Such a Filipino trait!).

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On Mother’s Day, Shane posted a picture of her and her Mama who unfortunately passed away. Together with their picture is a heartfelt message. In her post, she emphasized how much she misses her and how life is not the same without her Mama.

In her post on Father’s day, Shane thanked her father for the love, trust, joy, and humor he brought to their family. In addition to that, she also mentions that all she wants in life is to make her parents proud. This showcases Shane’s character of being a wonderful and loving daughter (What a loving queen!).

Indeed, her win was a proud moment for the Philippines. In December, the Philippines is also on its feet as the Miss Universe 2022 pageant is coming. This year’s representative of the country is a 24-year-old Filipino-Italian—Celeste Cortesi. Let’s hope for the best and take home the crown again, Philippines!

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