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INSTAGRAM RAID: The best ‘astig’ moments of Josh Cullen Santos

INSTAGRAM RAID: The best ‘astig’ moments of Josh Cullen Santos


Josh Cullen Santos is the oldest cutest member and lead rapper of the P-pop group sensation SB19. Although he prefers being called the otherwise as every fan should know, he is effortlessly endearing, charming, and overall, just adorable. But wait, that is not the point!

While the man that he is can justify his being ‘astig,’ there’s more to his cool personality you should know. And whatever are those, we ought to proudly show everyone.

Amassing almost 400,000 followers on his account, we paid a visit on Josh Cullen’s Instagram. And there, well, we found pieces of evidence that he is indeed ‘maangas,’ … or is he?

A legend in the making 

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A post shared by Josh Cullen Santos (@josh_cullen_s)

To start, we went a little backward in time from the year 2018, as Josh fronts a mirror selfie.

The picture was posted on October 27, 2018— the day after SB19’s debut as official idols. Back then, Josh probably took it having no idea he will soon be this legendary. But looking at the very photograph now, it speaks so much of a destiny exceptionally forged for him.

Almost four years have passed; here we are admiring the marvelous triumph Josh has done.

Be in his zone

Up next, we fast forward to the year 2019 which everyone knows is glorious for the then doubtful SB19. Following their going viral as the first Filipino idol group, the members saw a new path of a better hope. A redemption of success that may be a little late, but it came!

For this post’s context, Josh shared snaps from when they partnered with Netflix for a yearend promotional jingle. Remarkable for both SB19 and fans, it is among the sweet moments reminding them of finally reaping what they sowed.

Dreams come true

Now, we officially open the soft hours. Contrary to his badass-looking pose, all should be warned on how Josh can shed us to tears at this time. Holding 3 trophies after bagging multiple recognitions during MYX Awards 2020, he pens a long heartfelt message for everyone:

“6 years ago, I didn’t even think that my life would be like this. I thought that the world’s magic doesn’t work on me. (But) our dearest A’TIN! You brought magic into our lives. We love you forever!”

Embodying self-confidence

Certainly, this ‘astig’ talk will fall short if we miss out on Josh’s finesse. And by that, we meant not only his talent (which is given by the way) but his tantalizing physique! 

Flaunting his well-toned abs on an image taken from Siargao, Josh promotes loving one’s own body. His sexy figure that can be a fitness inspiration for others is a result of hard work and discipline. And yes, we’re all here to adore that.

‘My baby Azkal’

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A post shared by Josh Cullen Santos (@josh_cullen_s)

To conclude, we got a post from January 2022 where Josh shows off a picture with his first luxury car. Looking back, he happily shared this personal milestone November last year as his principal investment. Having to experience difficult times before, this is rather a reward to himself for thriving until now.

Indeed, the best revenge against hardships is living a good life. And confidently, Josh lives up to that. Yet, despite what he has achieved, he remains thankful and humble.

“Hindi ako cute, maangas ako!”

Josh (an allegedly far from being cute), once said.

Dare you to name the being ‘astig’ category and Josh Cullen Santos absolutely fits the criteria. He has long garnered over perfect points seeing the man he has become.

You see, being cool is never about toxic masculinity, shallow personality, and adhering to ‘red flag’ standards which many sensationalize. The true ‘astig’ is essentially admitting you are vulnerable, imperfect, or flawed, but still aspiring to be better day by day.

And again, Josh who is effortlessly endearing, charming, and just adorable, is the epitome of that.

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