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INSTAGRAM RAID: Sofia Andres rocks the color green during Italy trip

INSTAGRAM RAID: Sofia Andres rocks the color green during Italy trip

Last month, Sofia Andres along with his partner Daniel Miranda flew to Italy to celebrate the wedding of her sister-in-law. Actress, fashion-enthusiast, and Mom Sofia Andres rocks her way to Italy with his green outfits.

Who knew that green outfits can become chic and classy when worn with confidence! Check to see all her IG-worthy looks!

Adding this cute green summer cut-out mini-dress to level up your wardrobe

This green flowy light green coordinate

Who says casual attire can’t be stylish? Here’s Sofia Andres serving you the proof that you can!

A green printed dress that is calming to the eyes

Are you wondering where to get this? Sofia Andres shares it on her Instagram check this store out: Charina Sarte Shop.

Spice up your wardrobe in this flattering dress during summer in Italy

If you’re trying to protect your skin from sun rays or if you’re conservative dressing up with a long green dress can still make a statement.

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This avocado green wedding dress is the bomb

Saving the best for last. Though this can’t be worn on casual days, if you’re looking for an inspiration for your next formal attire try this green attire. This will surely give you a unique and new style to flaunt.

Green is something that is hard to rock especially if you are morena but Sofia Andres proves that it can also look flattering with her sun-kissed skin! So don’t hesitate to wear this type of green! If you want to see more green OOTD check how Jaz Reyes rules the color green. Go, girls! serve everyone with confidence next time you wear green outfits!
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