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INSTAGRAM RAID: Several times the Legaspi twins proved that they are the twins of aesthetics!

INSTAGRAM RAID: Several times the Legaspi twins proved that they are the twins of aesthetics!

Truly, nothing compares to the iconic image that the Legaspi twins propound to the public. Being part of a celebrity family, Cassy and Mavy Legaspi have been found on our TV screens for as long as we can remember.

Photo Credit: @cassy | Instagram

Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi definitely understood the assignment of raising the celebrity twins and age like a fine wine. Started as a family in a famous ice cream commercial, now, the twins broke the silence on the internet with their impeccable visuals.

Here’s a glimpse of these iconic twins who captured our hearts in their aesthetically-pleasing visuals!

Being iconic: The Legaspi Twins’ way

The Legaspi twins who exude charm and cuteness back then are now the twins of aesthetics who can easily blow you away as they slay! Sharing the goodness of both worlds, Cassy and Mavy always proved that they are literally the best half of one another. Their sibling love for each other is genuinely seen on or off the flashes of camera.

Stand out individually

Despite appearing together almost all of the time, the Legaspi twins still managed to build their own careers. We all can witness how much influence Carmina and Zoren have passed through to the twins today. Also, their burning passion shows a lot as they sincerely express their love for their crafts.

OOTDs to die for!

Of course, we can never tag someone as aesthetics without pint pointing out their astonishing OOTDs! Several times that Cassy and Mavy showed everyone that they are the top-tiers when it comes to showing off their outfits.

Never go out of style

Definitely, Cassy and Mavy never go out of style! In today’s generation, their wit, manner, and fashion are easily appreciated by the public. Associated with overflowing confidence and self-empowerment, these twins always lead the way!

All rejoice for a twinning moment of supremacy! Seeing the Legaspi twins in one frame is such a breath of fresh air. Indeed, an iconic duo no one could ever resist!

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