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The Legaspi Twins Are Taking Over

The Legaspi Twins Are Taking Over

No longer on the side lines. Mavy and Cassy Legaspi are now known as themselves, with every career milestone showing what they’ve got to offer.

Aside from their usual appearances in their mother Carmina Villaroel’s ‘Sarap ‘Di Ba?’ program, both are regular performers and part of the weekend variety show of GMA Network ‘All-Out Sundays,’ where they showcase their talent on stage in every production number. They’ve got the moves and the appeal needed to catch the attention of every audience, which is why the fanbase keeps on growing.

Mavy Legaspi


The twins individually excel in their chosen craft. Mavy dominates every performance with his talent in dancing and makes all the girls bring their milkshakes to the yard with his charming looks!

Cassy Legaspi


Cassy, on the other hand, is also a diva on stage! Aside from this, she is now exploring her acting side via the upcoming GMA Telebabad series ‘First Yaya,’ where she will be working with the best from the Network, no-less than Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera and veteran actor Gabby Concepcion.

Taking Over

Coming from a known authority in the industry, as their parents Carmina and Zoren have both proven their supremacy on TV, it’s safe to say the twins know what they’re doing. And they are doing it with the guidance of the high-calibers.


It seems that the two are now taking over showbiz with their respective spots. This just goes to show that once artists are well taken care of, they blossom to people that exceed expectations! Kudos not just to Mavy and Cassy but to their management as well.

Catch them on GMA Network programs ‘All-Out Sundays,’ ‘Sarap Di Ba?’ and the soon-to-air comeback of the Primetime Queen via ‘First Yaya.’


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