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INSTAGRAM RAID: Kianna Dy Shines in Every Color

INSTAGRAM RAID: Kianna Dy Shines in Every Color

Kim Kianna Dy better known as KKD is a professional volleyball player, a member of the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers, and a YouTuber. She uploads random videos on her YouTube channel sharing her life as a volleyball player, friend, daughter, sister, and girlfriend. Moreover, she currently has 400,000 subscribers and gained 1.4 Million views as her most viewed video.

Other than this, Kianna Dy also shows her colorful life by posting photos on her Instagram account with more than 700,000 followers. She shares snaps of her OOTDs wearing different colors. From plain black to pastel to bright colors, she always shines through.

Photo Credits: Kim Kianna Dy


KKD wearing the color of her alma mater, De La Salle University. Dressed in a crochet crop top, denim pants, and slippers. She matched the fit with white rectangular sunglasses and a mini bag.


Kianna looks sophisticated in this bright orange dress paired with a silver necklace and nude single-band classic chunky block low-heel sandals. Perfect for a simple party but take note that you will catch others’ attention with this color unless the theme says so.


This square neck sleeveless top flatters women with broad shoulders. Additionally, a square neckline lengthens a short neck and narrow shoulders. It looks casual with the yellow top with this pastel shade of blue high-waist pants.


Flex your abs with this halter crop top and patch jeans. This monochromatic attire creates a smooth shift from top to bottom.


Who would have thought that a dark blue vest would look good with teal cargo pants? Matching the outfit with a simple necklace and a Nike dunk low in blue.


Kim Kianna in a bright pink bomber jacket paired with khaki pants and white shoes. The jacket gives a pop of color to the whole fit that makes her noticeable.


Presenting a pastel outfit combination is a ruched bust crop top in pastel violet and high waist pants in pastel blue.

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Another monochromatic OOTD from KKD. Wearing a sleeveless top and cargo pants added with a white Tokyo mini bag.


The whole fit screams cuteness and sweetness! Kianna looks so glowing in this combination. A simple halter top and bright pink high-waist pants with a tote bag that matches the color palette.


An all-black fit and white shoes accessorize with a mini bag and white hair clip. This outfit combination is Kianna’s personality and brand. Furthermore, she knows how to style and carry her outfit.

Kianna Dy slays in every color because of her proper choices of clothes. A combination that suits her body type. As long as you know how to dress for your specific body shape and show some confidence, you will look great!

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